Best value football hospitality in 2023

Football hospitality is a big business and as clubs across the country continue to look for ways to improve the fan experience, the array of facilities is getting even more impressive. This of course comes at a cost and there is a perception that matchday hospitality is only for the ultra-wealthy, with your regular fans priced out of the market. This is not the case, there are some great value premium football ticket packages out there and we’ve narrowed down a few of the best value hospitality packages in football.

While the UK is still somewhat behind the US market for hospitality – where you can watch matches from pitchside pools – there is still plenty of innovation taking place at Stadiums.

There are plenty of high-end, expensive corporate hospitality packages at football clubs and most of these are fantastic experiences, bringing together the best views, Michelin quality catering and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet players and legends. If you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a package such as the Tunnel Club at Manchester City, a Private Box at Arsenal or the Bobby Moore Club at Wembley, you’ll know what world-class experiences these are.

Not all hospitality has to be expensive though and there are some great value premium football ticket packages out there. Using our knowledge of dealing with tickets for Premier League games across the country, we’ve narrowed down a few of the best value hospitality packages in football. The other thing to consider is that, unless you are a season ticket holder or member at a club, getting tickets to any Premier League game is extremely difficult. That means if you’re only going two or three times a year, you’re almost certainly better off buying an official hospitality package for Arsenal, Tottenham etc through a reputable retailer (such as us…), than getting ripped off on the black market. You might spend a bit more (but not always) and you’ll certainly get better value for money.

So here are a few suggestions from us, in no particular order. While we’ve tried to pick out packages that are most accessible in terms of cost, it’s important to remember that cheap doesn’t always mean value. Knowing when to spend a little more on a matchday hospitality package can increase your enjoyment tenfold and our knowledge can help you get the best bang for your buck.

Premium Experience Package at Tottenham spurs lounge

The definition of hospitality has become a little blurred these days and increasingly fans are looking for more casual ways to be entertained, rather than always having a white tablecloth meal. Tottenham have nailed this with their new Stadium and while they do offer an excellent range of high-end hospitality, a lot of the premium tickets for Tottenham games are more informal. The Premium Experience Tier at Tottenham covers a large part of the Level 2 and 3 tiers, with wide-open concourses, some excellent lounges and modern facilities. It’s the little things that make the experience – the fact that you can get a drink almost straight away, it’s not a hassle going to the toilet and the service is friendly and attentive – all things you certainly can’t take for granted at a football game. This doesn’t take away from the atmosphere though and it’s a great place to still enjoy the pre-match build up.

Prices start from £150pp and included in premium tickets at Tottenham is access to the hospitality package from 3 hours before kick off, at halftime and an hour afterwards. You get pre-match food, a complimentary drink at halftime and that aforementioned easy access to a cash bar. Most importantly, the seats are excellent, padded and spacious, with an ideal view of the action. We can’t always vouch for the quality on the pitch, but we can say that with hospitality at Tottenham you’ll enjoy the experience before and after at least!

Premier Club at AnfieldPremier Club Package-liverpool

As with most Premier League clubs, Liverpool has a real variety of matchday hospitality options. Premium hospitality at Anfield includes the 1892 Lounge and Private boxes for Liverpool games and these high-end options will only increase with the construction of the new stand. Demand is so high for hospitality at Liverpool games that they have 4 or 5 different offsite options for each match.

At the more accessible end of the scale, they have several popular options, including the Anfield Beat Lounge, which is a premium ticket with a dedicated lounge that has a great pre-match atmosphere. Sitting in between all of these is what we think is the best value hospitality package at Anfield, the Premier Club. It incorporates the best of both worlds, with the classic Anfield atmosphere in an informal lounge, but a more comprehensive package in that you get a two course buffet pre-match and some superb seats in the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand. Alcohol isn’t included, but that means you don’t pay for what you don’t consume and there is a premium cash bar in the lounge to make it easy to enjoy the drinks you want.

The cost for the Premier Club starts from around £350 per person, which is more expensive than some on this list, but we think it still represents value for what you get. Its extremely difficult to buy Liverpool tickets, so you may as well enjoy football hospitality while you’re at it, without breaking the bank to do so.

Club Wembley at Wembley Stadium wembley guide - hospitality 1 (1)

One of the first premium ticket packages around in the UK and still one of the best. The Club Wembley tier has changed a few times since it was built in 2007 and is regularly evolving to be one the best experiences in matchday hospitality.

The one thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning is the fact that hospitality at Club Wembley is only usually sold on a seasonal basis. This means that you can’t just buy one-off matchday hospitality packages from Wembley and premium tickets for games such as the FA Cup Final are hard to get hold of. That’s where people like Events Hospitality can help, with the fact that we have Club Wembley tickets that we can offer to our clients. This is both for football and concerts (aswell as the NFL) and means you can get access to these events without having to commit to a season or more of membership.

Club Wembley is not quite a full football hospitality package in that it doesn’t include food and drink, but it’s a premium ticket with access to the best facilities, modern and spacious lounges and a variety of catering outlets. You can also book into the restaurants for the full hospitality experience at Wembley, which we can arrange for you as part of the service.

Its hard to give an exact price for Club Wembley tickets as they differ so much for each event, but we sometimes offer England tickets for just £50. We must admit you wouldn’t get anywhere near that for the FA Cup Final, but if you want to experience Club Wembley then an England game is certainly one of the best value football hospitality packages.

Last minute deals

Ok so this is a bit of a cop-out, as we’re not suggesting anywhere specific, but play your cards right and you can sometimes get a fantastic deal on any unsold packages for a game. We’re not saying this happens all the time – and sometimes it can work the other way with demand being so high that prices are pushed up – but if there is a game you’re interested in, it’s always worth asking a couple of days out for availability.

For example, tickets for Arsenal games or hospitality at Stamford Bridge usually sell out quickly, but there are occasionally late cancellations or seats left that need to be filled. If you ask at the right time and in the right way, you might just get a deal on them! We’re always happy to take last-minute requests, if we can help then great and if not then you’ve lost nothing – you never know what might be available!

Are you interested in hospitality for Premier League games? We’ve got a variety of premium tickets for football available, at most grounds in the country. Get in touch with us for any questions and see how we can help.