Silverstone Hospitality Packages & VIP Tickets

Silverstone. Home to the British Grand Prix and the greatest venue in British motorsport. Nothing quite beats a race day at Silverstone, and the British Grand Prix weekend is one of the highlights of our sporting calendar.

Mixing top-class hospitality with breath-taking action, the VIP experience of the F1 Grand Prix is like no other. Get up close and personal to the cars and their superstar drivers across all 3 days of action at Silverstone, while enjoying the finest food, drink and entertainment on offer.

July 2025
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We answer some of your questions on Silverstone

Taking place around roughly the same dates every summer, the F1 Grand Prix usually takes place at the end of June or start of July. Friday is the practice sessions, Saturday is practice and qualifying and Sunday is the race day itself, with plenty of entertainment and activities going on in and around each day.

General admission tickets for the British Grand Prix are sold by Formula 1 here and Silverstone here. These tend to sell out for every day, so best to act quickly. At Events Hospitality, we offer hospitality packages for every day of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The most popular day for F1 is the Race day itself, which is on the Sunday. This is of course the most expensive day, so if you are on a budget then you can still get plenty of excitement and action at the practice and qualifying days. Alternatively, buy a ticket for all 3 and really make the most of it!

At Events Hospitality, we have hospitality packages options available for all of the dates at British Grand Prix. These are official hospitality packages, which include access to some top-class lounges, great views of the action, superb dining options and all-inclusive alcohol throughout the day. You can see the packages on this page or just email [email protected] with any questions.

Any hospitality packages or tickets for Formular 1 will get you access from doors opening, which is from around 8am each day. The benefit of your hospitality package is food and drink served from your arrival, but just be careful as it can be a long day, with lots to take in!

Yes absolutely, all packages included a view of the racing, at different locations on the track. This is displayed in the package details but if you are unsure please ask. Each facility also includes a big screen for viewing the action and some packages include grandstand seating, so you can take in the action that way if you wish.

We have an allocation of hospitality for each day at Silverstone but these are always in high demand. If you know which day you would like to attend, we recommend booking early as most packages sell out. Please note, we don’t offer general admission tickets for the British Grand Prix.

This depends on each day, with prices listed on the packages on our website. If you can’t find these or need more information, please just email us on [email protected] Please remember we only have hospitality packages for this event.

At Events Hospitality we only offer premium tickets and official hospitality packages. We also only sell tickets or packages that we have in hand, to ensure availability for our clients (many companies out there will sell the tickets and then attempt to procure them afterwards to fulfil the order).

We know how stressful it can be trying to work out which companies are genuine, especially when there are so many out there. As one of the newer ones, we also know how much harder we have to work to prove ourselves. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t deliver your tickets. To ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company please call us on 0208 053 0278 to ask any questions, or view more information about us here.

Wherever you are buying your tickets from, make sure you do your research. Take a look at online reviews, ask to speak to previous customers or verify with the venue that the company you are using are official hospitality agents.

This depends on the day you attend, so please ask for an itinerary for full information.

Yes, all tickets give you full access for the entirety of the day, from the start to the end of play. You also get access to your hospitality suite for the same period. You are also able to leave the circuit and re-enter on the same day, as long as you get your ticket scanned on exit and are still in possession of it on your return.

Bags under 20 litres are allowed but will be searched. Please note there are restricted items, which can be seen here, so just make sure you don’t bring any of these.

If you’re big time, via Helicopter! For everyone else, you can get their by train or car. Unlike many other events, driving to Silverstone is probably preferable and is easily accessible from London and other locations in the UK. There are a lot of car parking spaces around the track.

To arrive by train, Wolverton is the nearest station, around 10 miles away. It is also accessible from Banbury, Milton Keynes and Northampton, all of which are about 30 minutes away. You can get a taxi, or there are shuttle buses than run between these locations to the track.

These will be sent to you around 7-10 days before the event starts, via email

As the home of British Motor Racing, Silverstone hosts many events, with the F1 British Grand Prix being the most popular. It has plenty of viewing areas and grandstands and its hospitality suites are excellent, with plenty of space, top class facilities and great viewing areas. To get a better understanding of this, please email [email protected] and we can talk you through the options.

For each hospitality package you have a dedicated table or area in a specific hospitality lounge. This is your base for the day and for you to come and go from as you please. Each hospitality lounge has a view of the circuit and some include grandstand viewing tickets as well.

There is no specific dress code for general admission but hospitality areas are smart casual. This means no ripped jeans or fancy dress. The F1 Grand Prix is quite a high class event, so many people like to dress accordingly.

Any children 10 or under are free in general admission, but still require a ticket. They may also be required to purchase one for a hospitality area, so please check this first

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A guide to Silverstone

Silverstone. Home to the British Grand Prix and the greatest venue in British motorsport. Nothing quite beats a race day at Silverstone, and the British Grand Prix weekend is one of the highlights of our sporting calendar.

If you have ever wanted to go to Silverstone, perhaps to see Lewis Hamilton lead around the final corner of the track to win the British Grand Prix, then this article is for you. We are going to provide you with a complete guide to this famous racetrack, looking at its history, some fast facts, why you might want to go to Silverstone, and the various options you have from general admission tickets to the extensive hospitality packages. You’ll be able to plan your whole weekend.

A brief history of Silverstone

Between 1943-46, the site of the Silverstone circuit was an RAF bomber station – RAF Silverstone. There were three runways at the base, in a triangle, which still lie within the outline of the current track.

After the war, the site was deserted, which prompted a group of locals to congregate there to race around the airfield. During the first race, someone ran over and killed a sheep, and so the informal race became known as the Mutton Grand Prix.

In 1948, the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) took out a lease on the airfield and began to create a more formal race track, originally following the course of the runways with hairpin corners in between. They held the first British Grand Prix that year, and in 1950, King George VI attended the race – the only time a monarch has attended a motor race in the UK.

They developed the course over the next few years: in 1953, they moved the starting line to the straight line between Woodcote Corner and Copse Corner. This would be the basic outline for the track for nearly 40 years. While not as fast as today, the races back then were not exactly competed at a slow speed – Giuseppe Farina became the first driver to complete a lap averaging over 100mph in 1953.

Between 1955 and 1964, they alternated the British Grand Prix between Silverstone and Aintree, but Silverstone still hosted the International Trophy, which Stirling Moss won in 1956.

The British Grand Prix in 1960 will always be remembered as the race that Graham Hill lost – having stalled on the start line he set off in last place, but worked his way through the field to take the lead, only to have his brakes fail and spin off the track at Copse Corner.

Entering the modern era of racing

BRDC International Trophy

By the early 70s, average speeds for the races around the Silverstone circuit had risen to around 130mph. This may have inadvertently led to the biggest crash ever on a British racing circuit in 1973 – miraculously, only one driver was injured in the nine car pile up. The crash led to a change in the layout of the track, with an extra chicane added at Woodcote.

In the late 70s, the British Motorcycle Grand Prix was being held on the Silverstone circuit, as well as the Silverstone Six-Hours, the British Touring Car Championship, the World Sportscar Championship and the Sidecar World Championship.

Throughout the 80s, more races were taking place on Silverstone circuit, and the speeds in the British Grand Prix continued to rise (barring the 1988 race, when Ayrton Senna won with an average speed of 124mph due to heavy rain – some classic English weather).

In 1998, the FIA decided that all Formula One grids should be on a straight line – to comply with this, the RAC moved the start line forward, but crucially not the finish line. As a result, the British Grand Prix that year was only technically 59.95 laps, rather than 60. When the leader, Michael Schumacher, was issued with a 10-second penalty two laps from the finish, his team weren’t sure whether this penalty would be added to his time at the end of the race, or whether it was a stop-and-go penalty. Just to be sure, as Schumacher came down the start/finish straight on his final lap, they called him into the pits to serve a stop-and-go. However, the Ferrari pit was located between the finish and the start line, so in going to the pit, the car inadvertently crossed the finish line!

The New Millenium and a Battle for the British Grand Prix

The FIA decided to move the British Grand Prix to April in 2000, to have it over Easter weekend. This was a huge mistake, as any Brit would be able to tell you! It rained for the three weeks running up to the event, rendering the car parks in the area useless. Many fans couldn’t get there to watch.

Later that year, the first American Le Man Series race to be held outside North America took place on the Silverstone circuit, and the Le Mans Prototypes returned in 2004. Silverstone retained its place as a major hub in the world of motorsport.

The rise of Lewis Hamilton in the late 00s brought with it a huge increase in the popularity of Formula One in the UK. Ticket demand for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 2007 was as high as it had been since the ‘Mansell Mania’ of the late 80s. However, in 2010, the race was due to move to Donington Park.

This never happened as they ended up having funding issues, so Silverstone kept its grip on the flagship event in UK racing. In 2019, Lewis Hamilton won his sixth British Grand Prix at Silverstone, breaking a 52-year record set by Jim Clark.

The current deal for Silverstone to host the British Grand Prix expires in 2027, after which no one knows where it will take place – but many hope that Silverstone will strike up another deal to keep it there, at the home of UK racing.

Silverstone – Fast Facts

  • Silverstone has a number of different layouts: the main three are the National Circuit (including the Wellington Straight), the Bridge Grand Prix Circuit and the Arena Grand Prix circuit, which includes driving past the new Arena section.
  • The start/finish straight was renamed The Hamilton Straight, after Lewis Hamilton, in 2020 after he won his seventh world title.
  • Max Verstappen holds the record for the fastest lap ever recorded on the new Arena Grand Prix Circuit, with a lap time of 1:27.097 in 2020.

Why go to Silverstone?


To put it simply, Silverstone is one of the most iconic venues in UK sport. Whether you go to watch the British GP or not, you’ll witness some full-throttle racing on the track. With grandstands dotted about the circuit and TV screens throughout, you won’t miss a second of the action, whether it’s on the pit lane or the finishing straight.

If you’re a fan of sport, going to Silverstone should be on your bucket list. It’s something very different to most other sporting occasions and a true thrill of the senses. 

What are the facilities like?

Silverstone has been very good at keeping up with the times. The ‘fan experience’ when you go to watch an event there really is top notch. Depending on what sort of ticket you buy and whether you go for the whole weekend, you might be able to experience a pit lane walk, visit the F1 fanzone (with bungee trampolines and segways), wander around the circuit, watch some live music and enjoy a wide selection of food and drink from the many vendors onsite.

BrewDog have a bar there, plus there is a grill restaurant and a coffee house that is open all year round. Silverstone is well prepared for thousands of visitors.

What are the premium tickets, VIP and Hospitality options?

Silverstone - premium facilities

Like any modern sporting venue, Silverstone is also well equipped for people that want to make a little bit more of their experience. They offer a range of packages to suit any need, and with general admission tickets being so difficult to come by (they usually sell out very quickly), hospitality packages are a great way for people to guarantee tickets to the British Grand Prix weekend.

Our three favourite packages include the Trackside package, which grants you access to the Trackside lounge for the entirety of the day, as well as complimentary street food, a vibrant bar with inclusive drinks and inner track access.

Then there is the Ignition hospitality package, which will grant you access to the Ignition Club in the grandstand overlooking the six racing corners – you won’t miss a second of the action. The premium bar there also has complimentary Champagne flowing throughout the day, and the finest British cuisine available all day.

The most indulgent package, though, is the Fusion hospitality. With this you’ll have access to the vibrant garden terrace at Vale, with the option of grandstand viewing as well. Not only that, but there will be a celebrity compere to guide you through the day, a live DJ and luxury vehicle displays. You’ll be in the best spots to truly experience a day you’ll never forget.

How to get to Silverstone

Silverstone - how to get there

Silverstone is located right in the heart of England, so is pretty accessible from most parts of the UK. If you are travelling by car, travel along the M40 before joining the A43 and follow the signs.

Public transport is a little more tricky – the closest train station in Wolverton, is 10 miles away, so you will need a taxi or bus from there. Local buses do run from around the local area, but services get very busy for large events.

There is a helipad if you want to bring your helicopter, just remember to book it in via the Silverstone website…

What is the area around Silverstone like?


Like most F1 tracks, Silverstone is a long way from major settlements. It’s near the small village of Silverstone, Northamptonshire, and is around 5 miles away from Towcester. The fact that it is so open around there has made it much easier to expand the venue, but does mean that if you go to visit, there isn’t much there other than Silverstone itself and the nice surrounding countryside.

How can I get tickets to the British Grand Prix?


There’s no getting around it; securing general admission tickets for the British Grand Prix is difficult. Even with over 400,000 tickets available over the weekend, they tend to sell out very quickly. You can buy these directly from the Silverstone website, but you’ll need to be quick to get tickets, especially for the Sunday.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the hospitality packages, though, we can help. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will have you find the best package for you and your guests.

Best event at Silverstone

There is no doubt here at all, it is the British Grand Prix. One of the highlights of the UK sporting calendar, which is always fun and exciting.

Most niche event at Silverstone

One of the more eclectic events at Silverstone is the Silverstone Festival. Live music, entertainment for the whole family and on-track displays and races. It’s a really fun event that is well worth checking out.


The cost of tickets at Silverstone will vary a lot from event to event. If you are interested in the British GP, you will be looking at prices from around £129 for a one-day ticket and around £1000 for a weekend ticket. Hospitality packages start from £349 at entry level, for the practice sessions.

Type of events

As well as a wide range of motorsport, Silverstone hosts running events and music concerts.

Top Tip for visiting Silverstone

Our top tip for watching events at Silverstone is to make sure you see everything

you can and soak it all up. Its not often you’ll be this close to such high-performance vehicles. Your best bet is to get there early and seek out the prime spots, making sure you can take in all the high-speed action around every corner.

What are the Different Levels of Hospitality you can get at Anfield?

Anfield. Home to Liverpool Football Club and some of the greatest names in world football: Shankley. Paisley. Dalglish. Rush. Barnes. Aly Cissokho. Anfield is a stadium steeped in illustrious football history, and has been host to plenty of world class football over the years. Could this be the year they get back on track and make a serious push for the Premier League title…?

Even when the team isn’t firing on all cylinders, Liverpool tickets are still incredibly difficult to come by. The Premier League in itself is quite a draw, and when you add in names like Mo Salah, Dominik Szoboszlai, Trent Alexander Arnold and Luis Diaz, you can see why Anfield is the venue for some of the most anticipated matches in the country.

One of the best ways to ensure you can witness these matches is to opt for one of the many official Liverpool hospitality packages that they offer. There is a huge range of hospitality packages to consider – from matchday vip tickets to an Anfield executive box. So we thought it would be a good idea to run through the Anfield corporate hospitality packages so that you can decide which one is right for you.

1892 Lounge

1892 Lounge Liverpool A great way to soak in the electric atmosphere of this grand old stadium, while also experiencing some exquisite food and hospitality. It’s a great option for a full matchday experience, and you’ll even get to meet a former Liverpool FC legend. The full hospitality package includes:

  • A seat in the Lower Tier of the Main Stand (near the Director’s Box) for the match
  • A welcome drink with canapes on arrival
  • Four-course match day menu
  • Complimentary bar with beer, house wine and soft drink selection
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments at half-time and full time
  •  Matchday gift

Sample view, choose Block L13


Anfield - Brodies Sport Bar This brand new Sports Bar is one of our favourite hospitality packages in the Premier League. It’s a great new addition to Anfield that has a bit of everything: you get the communal experience of being part of a crowd – that irreplaceable pre-match excitement and anticipation. But you also get something a bit special – a shiny new bar area, with great food and drink. It’s a great place to go to really make the most of your day. The full package includes

  • A padded seat in the brand new Anfield Road Stand with incredible views of the match
  • A complimentary half-time beer, wine or soft drink
  • Access to the exclusive Brodies Sports Bar from 3 hours before kick-off, during half-time and for an hour post-match.
  • Complimentary street food
  • Former Liverpool legends in attendance at the bar
  • Complimentary programme 

Sample view, choose Block AM7

The Boot Room Restaurant

The Boot Room Liverpool A package for the ultimate Liverpool fan – you get access to the Club’s Museum before the match, before you experience some delicious food and great seats to enjoy the game. Liverpool’s history is littered with the FA Cup, Champions League, Football League Cup and now, finally, there is also a Premier League Title to go along with all of that.

  • A seat in the Upper Anfield Road Stand for the match
  • Pre Match access to The Liverpool FC Story, the Club’s interactive museum
  • Cash Bar
  • Three-course match day menu (varies for early kick off)
  • Complimentary match day programme
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments at full time
  • Pre match visit from a former Liverpool player

Sample view, choose Block 225

Sevens Lounge

Sevens Lounge Liverpool

Named after the iconic Liverpool number 7 shirt (worn by greats like Keegan and Dalglish), the Sevens Lounge is one of the more lively hospitality packages. It’s perfect for larger groups, but also great for those that want to mix with other fans before the game.

  • A seat in the Kop end of the Lower Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand for the match
  • Pre and post match access to The Sevens Lounge three hours before kick off
  • Cash Bar
  • Four-course match day buffet
  • Complimentary match day programme
  • Half Time refreshments

Sample view, choose Block KN

Eight Lounge

Eights Lounge Liverpool

The Eights Lounge – so named in reference to the shirt worn by former midfield general, and future TV pundit, Steven Gerrard. This is a very similar hospitality package to the Sevens Lounge, the only real difference being where you are in the stadium.

  • A seat in the Anfield Road end of the Lower Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand for the match
  • Pre and post match access to The Eights Lounge three hours before kick off
  • Cash Bar
  • Four-course match day buffet
  • Complimentary match day programme
  • Half Time refreshments

Sample view, choose Block KG

The Carlsberg Dugout – The Kop/Anfield Road End

Premier Club 2

Two separate hospitality packages at two different ends of the ground. These are basically exclusive bar areas for you to mix with loads of other fans before the match. It’s a little more upmarket than the standard concourse, plus less crowded so smaller queues. But it retains the same buzz that you get before a big match.

  • A seat for the match
  • Pre and post match access to the lounge up to three hours before kick off and one hour after full time
  • Cash Bar
  • Complimentary street food stalls
  • Complimentary match day programme
  • Half Time refreshments (pre-poured)
  • An appearance from a former Liverpool legend

Sample view, choose Block M1

Chemistry Lounge/The Beautiful Game

Beautiful Game - Liverpool

Two options for the foodies – premium hospitality packages with hands-on service, a great view of the pitch and amazing food. These are packages that will really impress your guests:

  • A seat in the Main Stand for the match with elevated views
  • Pre and post match access to the lounge up to three hours before kick off and one hour after full time
  • Matchday Gift
  • Exceptional four-course menu
  • Complimentary drink for the day
  • Complimentary match day programme
  • Half Time refreshments (pre-poured)
  • An appearance from a former Liverpool legend

Sample view, choose U7

Anfield Beat Lounge

Anfield Beat 2

This is the perfect option for anyone that wants to experience the famous pre-match atmosphere at Anfield. It’s like a proper bar in the ground – not a standard stadium bar, a nice one with decent drinks and great food. If you are looking for a more ‘authentic’ matchday experience, then this is a great option.

  • A seat in the Main Stand Lower Tier for the match
  • Pre and post match access to the lounge up to three hours before kick off and one hour after full time
  • Food & drink available to purchase within the lounge
  • Complimentary drink at half time
  • Complimentary match day programme
  • Direct access from lounge to seat
  • An appearance from former Liverpool legends
  • Pre-match entertainment

Sample view, choose L16

Reds Bar

Reds Bar Image

Another informal option is the Reds Bar. Similar to the Anfield Beat Lounge, this is a great way to really take in the atmosphere before the game – to mix with other fans as the anticipation builds.

  • A seat in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand (Corner flags)
  • Pre and post match access to the lounge up to three hours before kick off
  • Hot Dish of the Day Available to Purchase
  • Complimentary drink on arrival
  • Complimentary matchday programme
  • Halftime tea and coffee

Sample view, choose KG

Premier Club

Premier Club 2

The complete hospitality package – executive seats, pre-match entertainment, great food and a great atmosphere. There really is something for everyone with the Premier Club package. Take a group of people here and they will have a day to remember, no matter what happens on the pitch.

  • An executive, padded seat in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand
  • Pre and post match access to the lounge up to three hours before kick off and one hour after the final whistle
  • Two course extensive hot and cold buffet served pre-match
  • Cash bar
  • Complimentary matchday programme
  • Halftime tea and coffee
  • Pre-match entertainment

Sample view, choose CE3

Private Executive Box

Anfield, as you would expect, has plenty of executive boxes dotted about the stadium, but they are not available on a match-by-match basis. If you would like an executive box at Anfield, you will have to buy one for a whole season.

How to guarantee tickets for a Liverpool match

Getting tickets to watch Liverpool is difficult. To guarantee a ticket, you need to be a season ticket holder and they have a 15 year waiting list. A small amount of tickets are sold each match via a ballot to their members, and the competition is fierce. If you want to ensure you make it to a Liverpool game, the best thing to do is to buy one of the hospitality packages – and we can help you. We have packages available for all Liverpool home matches – Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup or League Cup.

Have a look through our list of upcoming Anfield fixture dates and get in touch with us today. We will be able to advise you on the best package for you and your guests to ensure you have a truly memorable experience at Anfield.

Will there be increased hospitality in the new Anfield Road Stand?

The new Anfield Road stand was supposed to be completed in time for the start of the 2023/24 season but suffered delays into the season. As you would expect for a modern football stand, it significantly increased the number of corporate and hospitality seats within the stadium – there are now 5,200 extra general admission seats and 1,800 extra lounge or hospitality seats compared to when the old stand was there.