Choosing the Right Music Event that Align Your Preferences

Are you looking to up your business development and events strategy in 2024? Look no further than music events, which have something for everyone and give your company a great networking and branding opportunity.

Making the right choice in music events can elevate a simple outing to a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. From festivals to concerts and gigs, there’s a music event out there to fit your company’s needs.

But it’s not as simple as choosing your favourite artist – which is where we step in. We’re uncovering the strategies for choosing the right music event that resonates with your business’ brand and creates valuable networking moments.

Let’s dive in.

Different Types of Music Events for Client Hospitality

Music events are numerous and come in different scopes to suit any networking events. Understanding the different types available is crucial for making a good impression with any prospective clients.

Each event type offers a unique atmosphere and luxury add-ons suited for any high-end hospitality. Here are some of the most popular music events.


Concerts focus on specific artists or bands, providing a more concentrated musical experience. They’re ideal for clients who are fans of particular musicians or groups (Eras tour, anyone?). 

Concerts can range from large-scale events in arenas like The O2, to more intimate performances in smaller venues. High-end hospitality options at concert venues, like private boxes or premium seating, can provide built-in networking opportunities to balance fun and business.


Gigs offer a more intimate and often exclusive experience. These are typically smaller events featuring emerging or niche artists, perfect for clients who prefer a more personal and up-close musical encounter.

For the client after something new and exciting, gigs often take place in unique or unconventional venues, adding to the exclusivity and charm. They’re an ideal opportunity to offer a bespoke entertainment experience for impressing clients who value a personal touch.


Festivals celebrate music and culture, featuring a lineup of various artists and genres to keep things interesting. These events are perfect for clients who enjoy a dynamic, community atmosphere, offering a blend of music, art, and often, gourmet food and exclusive VIP areas.

Many smaller festivals offer relatively inexpensive day tickets. Do you know a client well and have a lot to discuss? You could consider a full festival weekend, opting for the VIP experience with exclusive seating areas and amenities. Festivals are a great option for the client after diversity and vibrancy in their networking.

Figuring Out Your Preferences

Choosing the right entertainment events for client hospitality means understanding your client’s wants and needs. The key is to identify what resonates most with the intended guests, whether it be the type of music, the atmosphere of the event, or the level of exclusivity.

Consider the musical tastes and preferences of the attendees. Are they fans of a particular genre or artist or prefer a diverse lineup? Understanding this will guide you towards the right type of event.

Think about the overall vibe you’d like the event to have. Is it an upbeat, lively atmosphere or a more intimate, exclusive setting? This will influence the choice between large-scale festivals, high-energy concerts, or more personal gigs.

You should also consider whether your clients prefer a luxury touch to the evening. For high-end client hospitality, look for events offering VIP packages, comfortable seating, and premium services to elevate the experience.

Business and Network Opportunities

Of course, the music event will be a good time for everyone invited – but as a business, these events are a strategic investment in strengthening client relationships. Here’s how concerts and gigs can work to your advantage for networking.

Cultivating Relationships

A music event is less formal, so conversations can flow more naturally. Whether it’s discussing a deal over the electric energy of a concert or bonding with clients during an exclusive festival experience, you can dive deeper into a topic than at a traditional networking event.

Branding and Corporate Image

Hosting clients at a prestigious music event not only leaves a lasting impression but also elevates your corporate image. It reflects a company’s commitment to quality and appreciation for luxury experiences, aligning your brand with the right image.

Unique Setting

Everyone’s tired of going to the same, dull networking evenings. A music concert, festival or gig is a completely different experience compared to a traditional business environment. This unique setting encourages genuine interactions and stronger connections.

Choosing the Right Event for You

You’re ready to choose your first music event for client networking, but with so many choices, where do you begin? You should consider a few factors beforehand to pick the right event for your needs.

The most important factor is to assess what you and your clients are looking for from the event. Is it purely for entertainment, a love for a specific genre or artist, or for creating a memorable business networking opportunity? Understanding these objectives is the first step in narrowing down your choices.

A music festival might be the ideal choice if you’re looking for a vibrant, energetic atmosphere. For a more focused and intimate experience, a concert or a gig could be more appropriate. Think about the scale, the crowd, and the overall vibe of the event.

Luxury and comfort are paramount, especially for high-end client hospitality. Investigate what VIP services and amenities the event offers. Do they provide exclusive access, comfortable seating, exceptional catering, or private discussion areas? These extra touches can make or break the overall experience for clients.

Finally, consider practical aspects like location, accessibility, duration, and event date. These factors play a crucial role in ensuring the convenience and feasibility of attending the event, particularly when coordinating

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right music event for your networking strategy balances the desired experience and logistical details. If you want to be bold and go for something different, go for a festival or concert to give them an unforgettable experience.

Need some help choosing your next live music event? Contact us for the perfect music event that elevates your business development game.