Event Services Trends: What’s Shaping the Future of Celebrations

Things move quickly in the event services world. For event managers and corporate executives, hospitality packages and VIP tickets are becoming pivotal in defining the success of an event.

With society constantly moving forward, event services must keep up to reflect its attendees’ wants and needs. We’ve put together some key trends in the events industry this year and going into 2024 that we can expect to see much more of in the future.

From sustainability to influencer marketing, the ways to promote and host corporate events are always evolving. Let’s get into the top trends we’re seeing in the future of celebrations.

In-person events

As the world emerges from the shadows of the pandemic, in-person events are experiencing a remarkable revival – with a renewed sense of purpose and creativity to match.

Recent trends have seen innovative hospitality services, such as private viewing areas, gourmet dining experiences, and personalised concierge services, raising the bar for events and making them standout milestones in the corporate calendar.

Hospitality packages and VIP tickets have become the hallmarks of luxury and personalisation, offering guests exclusive access, superior comfort, and bespoke services that transform events into unforgettable experiences. Expect many more in-person networking and corporate hospitality events as we enter the next year.


Artificial intelligence

AI is revolutionising many industries, and the events sector is no exception. AI’s ability to quickly analyse data and predict preferences is a personalisation goldmine for event managers, potentially elevating corporate hospitality to new levels.By harnessing AI, event planners can offer highly customised experiences, from tailored entertainment options to personalised welcome messages and seating arrangements based on social and professional networking data.AI also enhances operational aspects, streamlines check-ins, and optimises crowd management, ensuring a seamless experience for VIP guests. Looking to the future, AI’s potential in event planning and management is boundless as the tech evolves.


Want to increase engagement at your events? Gamification is the way forward. This approach is particularly impactful in VIP packages, where gamification adds an exclusive touch.

Interactive elements like scavenger hunts with high-end prizes, augmented reality experiences, and interactive leaderboards are being seamlessly woven into events, giving VIP guests a whole new level of entertainment at an otherwise standard corporate event.

For example, a tech conference could leverage a custom app-based treasure hunt, where VIP participants unlocked exclusive sessions and meet-and-greets with industry leaders. What a way to get attendees excited about your event before it happens!

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have become cornerstones in modern event planning, reflecting a commitment to embracing and celebrating various perspectives and backgrounds. This new standard in events isn’t going away any time soon.

With hospitality and VIP experiences, these packages now often include options like multilingual staff, diverse culinary offerings, and accessibility accommodations, ensuring an inclusive and welcoming environment for all attendees.

Committing to diversity and inclusion values at events also reflects a company’s overall ethos and values, which is helpful in keeping and fostering new business relationships.


Just because the pandemic is over doesn’t mean all attendees want to attend an event in person. Livestreaming opens up events to entirely new audiences and gives some flexibility to anyone who needs to change their plans last minute.

Livestreaming doesn’t have to be basic, either. For VIP ticket holders, exclusive livestreaming features such as behind-the-scenes access, interactive Q&A sessions with speakers, and virtual networking lounges elevate the experience.

These premium digital amenities offer a sense of exclusivity and connection, even from a distance, and open up new avenues for digital engagement and participation. Livestreamed events will absolutely continue to be a trend into 2024 and beyond.

Social media

Social media has become an indispensable tool in event promotion and attendee engagement, transforming how events are marketed and experienced. Gone are the days where an event was simply broadcasted: it’s about creating a buzz, fostering engagement, and building communities.

Hospitality packages are increasingly being tailored to leverage these social media trends. Exclusive features like Instagram-worthy backdrops, branded photo booths, and hashtag campaigns are becoming standard in VIP packages, encouraging attendees to share their experiences online.

For instance, VIP areas at music festivals now often feature unique, social media-friendly art installations or pop-up brand activations. Social media is inescapable these days, so it’s a great tool to generate buzz for an event and will continue to do so in the future.

Influencer marketing

For event managers, collaborating with influencers is a strategic marketing tool to enhance the event’s visibility and prestige. 

Tailoring VIP experiences specifically for influencers, such as exclusive access, custom photo opportunities, and behind-the-scenes tours, not only incentivises them to share their experiences but also adds an authentic touch to the event promotion.

This symbiotic relationship between events and influencer marketing creates a dynamic platform for storytelling, which will continue to evolve in the coming years as influencers continue to grow in popularity.


Sustainability has moved to the forefront of event planning, responding to a growing demand for eco-friendly practices. This shift profoundly influences hospitality packages and VIP experiences, steering them towards greener options.

Event organisers are now incorporating sustainable practices such as sourcing local and organic catering, using biodegradable materials for event décor, and offering digital rather than physical event materials, as some examples. High-profile conferences might look to implement carbon offset programs for their guests’ VIP travel.

Collectively, these initiatives help to make the events industry greener and resonate with an increasingly environmentally conscious audience, setting new standards in the sector.

Final thoughts

As event professionals, embracing these trends is pivotal to staying ahead in a competitive and rapidly changing industry. Whether you’re hosting a corporate gala, music festival or global conference, there’s something to learn from these trends.

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