Football Corporate Hospitality Packages – Good for Business?

Client entertainment is one of the oldest techniques when it comes to getting business done. Having that one-to-one time with someone, away from formal offices, has always helped people develop relationships with prospective customers and generate more business. There are many benefits of entertaining business associates with football hospitality tickets, and even if your client’s or colleagues aren’t football fans we take a look at some of the best hospitality packages available in the UK.

Times have changed, though. It’s no longer a case of men in stuffy suits with briefcases, packed into dingy bars, drinking brandy and handing out cigars. These days, there are so many different ways that you can host client events, that you really can tailor the experience to suit the individual that you would like to impress.

Sport corporate hospitality, and in particular football hospitality tickets, have become increasingly popular, and increasingly varied. With the money that has been poured into the Premier League over the last 20 years, clubs have turned their attention to providing official hospitality packages – often including fine dining, a complimentary bar and entertainment before kick off. It’s a way to increase a club’s revenue in limited stadiums, and it means that we can experience Premier League football in new and exciting environments.

Why Football Hospitality Packages can be great for business

Football Hosp blog introVIP tickets for a Premier League game are one of the most popular football hospitality experiences going. It’s the most watched league in the world, with millions of people tuning in to watch the matches live. With general admission tickets usually selling out a long time before most people get a chance to buy one, being there for a Premier League match day (particularly at the bigger clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea etc) can seem difficult for a lot of people.

So you can make quite an impression on people by offering them tickets to the biggest games of the season. Or even an UEFA Europa League Game… People just want to be there, to feel the electric atmosphere, to witness the incredible moments in person. And with the football hospitality packages available, you can make it a day out to remember for a very long time.

Of course, you need to make sure that it will be worth your while. Return on investment can be difficult to calculate when you are entertaining clients – it’s not just about what they spend immediately, but about building a relationship with them for years to come. But you can have a rough idea – if you are spending, say, £500 a head on a private box, can you envision you will get more than that money back from an extra sale or two in the coming months?

There’s more to it than that, obviously. That client will go on to tell other people in the industry about their day at, say, Old Trafford experiencing Manchester United hospitality, and suddenly your name is getting mentioned by more people. You become a company that people want to be involved with.

The Best Official Football Hospitality Packages

Liverpool Corporate Hospitality Packages – Anfield

Premier Club Package-liverpoolThey may not be having the best of times at the moment, but the matchday experience at Liverpool is unrivalled. Seeing The Kop belting out You’ll Never Walk Alone never fails to give you goosebumps. Tickets are difficult to come by, so if you have a Liverpool fan as a client, they would absolutely love a trip to this famous old ground. UEFA Champions League games, under the lights, are spine-tingling.

One of our favourite packages: Premier Club

Gain access to the exclusive suites (Paisley and Shankley) as well as a two course buffet meal, half-time tea and coffee, pre-match entertainment and, best of all, executive padded seats in the upper Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand – some of the best tickets in the house!

Tottenham Hotspur Corporate Hospitality Packages – The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

spurs loungeQuite simply, the Tottenham Hotspur stadium is one of the best in the country, if not the world. Even non-Spurs fans can’t help but be impressed by the stunning facilities that they have here – this is the pinnacle of football hospitality. VIP packages are incredibly popular here – it’s a great place to take clients.

One of our favourite packages: Premium Experience

Enjoy live entertainment and appearances from Spurs legends before the match, along with unlimited light bowl food, before you take your seat in the Premium Tier for the match. Plus, you’ll get a complimentary drink and sweet snacks at half time.

Chelsea Corporate Hospitality Experiences: Stamford Bridge

It would be misleading to suggest that all of Chelsea’s recent spending spree was funded by their wonderful hospitality tickets, but they must have helped a bit – right? One thing we love about Stamford Bridge is the location – you’re in the West End of London, so there are plenty of options before and after a game. Under the bridge chelsea 2

One of our favourite packages: Under The Bridge

Access the exclusive ‘Under The Bridge’ Lounge before the match, with hot and cold food available, alongside the complementary bar. For the match, you’ll be sat in the West Stand Upper (a great view) and then you’ll be back in the lounge after the match for more food and drink. A fantastic matchday experience.

Wembley Stadium Corporate Hospitality

Okay, so not the Premier League, but who wouldn’t be impressed with a trip to one of the most famous stadiums in the world. The home of football. The Emirates FA Cup Final, the League Cup final, England games and even a Champions League final every now and then (the next one is the 2023/24 season). A game at Wembley is one of the best football hospitality experiences going.

Wembley - Bobby Moore Club view

One of our favourite packages: Bobby Moore Club


A Champagne reception, fully inclusive bar, exquisite three course meal, the chance to meet legends of the game and premium seats for the match on Level 1, by the halfway line near the dugouts. The best way to secure an official ticket at Wembley, and to really impress your clients.