We Sneak Peek at What it’s Like to be Invited to FIFA World Cup Hospitality

FIFA World Cup 2022 – Hospitality

Well, whether we like it or not, the Qatar World Cup is happening this winter. There’s no doubt it will be a spectacle and the FIFA World Cup hospitality will certainly have all the bells and whistles … but back home, it will be a different experience to usual. With no beer gardens or outdoor fan parks, instead more log fires and nipping into the pub to watch a game when you should be Christmas shopping, it’s going to take a bit of getting used to. There is one thing we do know that whatever happens this will be a historic tournament – one that we will never forget.

Qatar may well be a controversial host nation for a variety of reasons, but they are celebrating in true style with their official FIFA hospitality programme and we’re hearing the excitement bubble about what’s on offer in their hospitality packages on match days.

So let’s take a look at the various World Cup hospitality packages available for Qatar 2022.


Single Match Hospitality Packages

With a regular match ticket for this year’s World Cup as popular as a right-back in a Gareth Southgate team selection, many people will consider purchasing a single match hospitality package so that they can attend the game that they are desperate to see. There are a few different options for single match hospitality:

Match Club

$ 950 Starting from
  • A Category 1 ticket for the match of your choice
  • Access to the temporary hospitality space in the 'festive village'. With street food style dining and entertainment
  • Soft drinks, wine and beer available
  • Access to parking
  • Commemorative gift

Match Pavilion

$ 1900 Starting from
  • The best available Category 1 ticket for the match of your choice
  • Access to the temporary hospitality space in the 'festive village'. With street food style dining and entertainment
  • Welcome drink and soft drinks, wine and beer available
  • Parking
  • Commemorative gift

Match Gallery

for a group match
$ 950 Starting from
  • Premium comfortable stadium seating - behind the goal
  • Access to a hospitality lounge inside the stadium
  • Three-course deli-style menu
  • A selection of welcome drinks
  • Drinks at half time
  • Parking
  • Commemorative gift

Match Business Seat

$ 3050 Starting from
  • Access to a shared, 'upmarket' stadium lounge
  • Prime, comfortable, top category seating
  • Four-course meal presented by chefs in motion at live cooking stations
  • Selection of welcome drinks including cocktails and champagne
  • Drinks at half time
  • Parking
  • Commemorative gift

Pearl Lounge

$ 4950 Starting from
  • Dedicated concierge
  • Best views of the pitch in the stadium
  • Appearances from special guests
  • Six-course gastronomic showcase with à la carte options
  • Premium welcome drinks
  • Drinks at half time
  • Preferential reserved parking
  • 'Exceptional' commemorative gift

As you can see, the options range from relatively basic hospitality packages to real high-end products for the ultimate sporting experience. Some people will be happy with just securing their seat, and be happy mixing with the most fervent football fans. Others will be of the opinion that if they are going for match hospitality, they want everything – a superior spectator environment, a private dining experience, exceptional service and the most luxurious commercial lounge. For these people, only the Pearl Lounge will do!

Team Specific Packages

If you are going to go to the effort of travelling over to Qatar for the World Cup, it’s quite likely that you’re going to want to go to more than one match. It’s also quite likely that you’re going there because you’re fans of one of the teams, and would like to see as many of their matches as possible.

That’s where the Team Specific Packages come into play. You can select the team that you would like to follow and then you’ll be guaranteed hospitality tickets for their matches. You can even select the Round of 16 and Quarter Final rounds – but be warned that if your team fails to reach that stage you’ll be watching the team that won your group, which may add a bit of salt to the wound. I’m sure that won’t be the case for anyone supporting a team with the USA and Iran in their group though…

You can select one of the Match Club, Match Pavillion or Match Business Seat hospitality packages if you want to go down this route, at the same prices per match as listed above.

Final Round Series

If you are considering travelling to Qatar to experience some World Cup hospitality packages, then why not go for the business end of the tournament? Watch some of the most watched football on the planet in absolute luxury, while expert staff cater to your every need.

The Final Round series will provide you with hospitality packages for 3 of the biggest games in world football – the semi-finals and the World Cup Final at Lusail Stadium. One of the most exclusive sports experiences in the world. You also have the option of adding the third-place playoff if this package doesn’t satisfy your needs!

There are two main options here: to watch one semi-final and the final you can select either the Match Pavilion package or the ultra-exclusive Pearl Lounge. If you want to watch both semis and the final, you can choose between the Match Club, Match Pavilion, and Match Gallery hospitality packages.

The cheapest of these packages will set you back around $9,100 – but you will be experiencing the pinnacle of world football and luxe sporting hospitality.

Final Word

At this stage, hospitality packages are the best way for guaranteed access to a match at the Fifa World Cup this year. We’re impressed with the range of options that are available, and we are sure that if you are considering some Qatar 2022 Official Hospitality that you will be able to find a package that suits your needs.

If you are not heading out to Qatar, but this has whet your appetite for a hospitality package while watching sport, you’re in luck. We are blessed with world class football, as well as many other sports, in this country: you can browse the various hospitality packages that we are offering for upcoming events here.

Come on England*!

*Or if you are reading this in Wales – Come on Wales!

*Or if you are reading this in Scotland or Northern Ireland – Come on literally anyone else!