Top 10 Facts you didn’t know about Harry Styles

Okay, we’re going, to be honest with you right from the off. Here at Events Hospitality, we are probably not the target audience for bottomless facts about Harry Styles.  Our Harry Styles trivia was close to zero. We can’t claim to have followed his musical career from the early days of One Direction, nor could we tell you whether he has a famous girlfriend, when he was born, which magazines he has been on the cover of or what movie he has starred in.

Well, we couldn’t until we started work on this article – now we are his biggest fans!

We have prepared some Harry Styles facts for you, so that you can get to know him like we know him – as the music turned movie star, that is recognised by millions all around the world and whose favourite colour is orange. And blue. He has two favourite colours. Because why should Harry Styles be limited to just one favourite colour? He’s Harry Styles.

Anyway, I’m getting carried away. Let’s crack on with some fun Harry facts so that next time you get bamboozled with Harry Styles quiz questions by a teenage girl, you’ll have all the answers.

Harry Styles Facts

  1. One Direction was not Harry Styles’ first band
    Harry Styles was always destined to have a musical career, and long before he hit the big time with One Direction, he was in a pop-punk band called White Eskimo. Styles was the lead singer, unsurprisingly, and they played music influenced by Foo Fighters and Blink 182. What could have been…
    White Eskimo carried on without Harry Styles – releasing a cover of Joe Jackson’s Is She Really Going Out With Him? in 2018.

  2. Harry Styles is a glory hunter
    Despite having been born in Redditch, Worcestershire, Harry Styles is a Manchester United fan, which suggests that there are fundamental flaws in his personality.
    (Okay, we’re being unnecessarily harsh here – he moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire when he was young, so we’ll let him off. Even though Stoke City is closer and he’d have been at just the right age to appreciate Tony Pulis managing in his prime)

  3. Harry Styles can bake
    Well, actually we don’t know that for sure. What we do know is that he worked at Mandeville Bakery for £6 an hour before his audition for X-Factor. By way of demonstrating quite how big a deal Harry Styles is, when a toilet block situated opposite Mandeville Bakery went on sale, it made the news. I mean, imagine being so desperate for content that you just write any old rubbish about Harry Styles!

  4. Harry Styles conquered America aged 17
    One Direction’s debut album Up All Night was the first debut album by a British band to reach number one in the US charts. Harry co-wrote three of the songs. To date, the One Direction world tour Where We Are in 2013 is the highest-grossing tour of all time by a vocal group.

  5. Harry Styles can play the guitar
    (Really wishing we hadn’t committed to 10 facts at this point, to be honest)
    Yes, Harry Styles plays the guitar to help in the songwriting process. He even gets it out (the guitar) on stage every now and then, playing a unique* blend of rhythm and lead.
    *That may be code for ‘not very good’, not sure.

  6. Harry Styles wore a Gucci dress
    In a 2020 shoot for Vogue, Harry caused controversy by wearing a dress. For some people this was outrageous and worth getting upset about – other events of that year seemingly offering them absolutely no sense of perspective.

  7. Harry’s sick went on eBay
    Harry Styles fans adore him. And are nuts. Like, proper nuts. Once, when he was car sick he noticed someone collecting what he had deposited and putting it into a bag. A few days later, his mum sent him a link to an Ebay listing where someone was selling his vomit.

  8. Harry Styles has a university course about him
    In 2023, Texas State University is going to be offering a course entitled “Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet and European Pop Culture”. Presumably this list of Harry Styles trivia will form an integral part of the syllabus?

  9. Harry Styles’ debut solo album was called Harry Styles
    No, you’re getting desperate for Harry Styles trivia.
    In 2017, Harry’s first album was released, and he decided to call it Harry Styles, just to leave everyone absolutely clear on the fact that this was in fact a solo album, and not a One Direction album. Years later, it would go on to help content writers who need to use the words ‘Harry Styles’ a certain number of times in an article.

  10. Harry Styles is touring the world in 2022-23
    Harry is touring the world at the moment, Love on Tour, which will take a break in November 2022 and pick up again in Australia in February 2023. The tour includes four nights at Wembley – June 13th, June 14th, June 16th and June 17th. 


Bonus Harry Styles Quiz Questions

Okay, so now you have fended off all of their questions, it’s time to go on the offensive with a load of quick-fire quiz questions of your own:

  1. When is Harry Styles’ birthday? 1st February (1994)
  2. What is Harry’s middle name? Edward
  3. What year did Harry audition for X-Factor? 2010
  4. Where did One Direction finish on X-Factor? Third
  5. Who won X-Factor to beat One Direction? Matt Cardle (who?)
  6. What was the last song One Direction released? History
  7. What is Harry’s biggest-selling solo single? Watermelon Sugar
  8. What was Harry’s third (and latest, at the time of writing) solo album called? Harry’s House
  9. What is Harry Styles’ estimated net worth? £100 million

What was Harry’s first film that he appeared in? Dunkirk