Tottenham Hotspur: Unforgettable Goals

Regardless of form, Tottenham Hotspur have always been a team that is capable of scoring incredible goals. Spurs fans have been treated to some incredible players over the years who have scored some unforgettable goals, both at White Hart Lane and the incredible Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

We wanted to bask in these goals, so have compiled a list of some of our favourites. Do you agree? Which ones have we missed?

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Paul Gascoigne (1991 FA Cup Semi Final vs Arsenal)

A North London derby for an FA Cup semi final at Wembley – there aren’t too many bigger games than that, and in 1991, Spurs had a genius on their books to help them on their way to the final.

Five minutes into the game, Spurs got a free kick 35 yards out. As defenders made their way into the box Gazza had other ideas. As he began his run up, commentator Barry Davies said the immortal words: “Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack? He is you know.”

The ball flew into the top corner past a helpless David Seaman in one of the most incredible goals of one of the most incredible careers. Arsenal were shell-shocked, and Spurs ran out comfortable winners of both the match, and then the FA Cup. The contrast between the semi final and the final against Nottingham Forest for Gascoigne though would underline this complex individual – genius in one match, master of his own downfall in the next.

Gareth Bale (2012-13 Premier League vs West Ham)

This was the era that Gareth Bale was just unstoppable, and emerged as one of the greatest players in the world (how unfortunate that he reached his peak at the same time as Messi and Ronaldo – surely in any other era he would have been the greatest).

In the weeks leading up to this West Ham clash, Bale had scored a hat trick against Aston Villa, a goal and two assists against Coventry City in the FA Cup, a magnificent solo goal against Norwich City, another in a win over West Bromwich Albion, and then two against Newcastle United – he was on fire.

Bale opened the scoring, but Spurs were trailing West Ham 2-1 going into the final 15 minutes. They scrambled home an equaliser, and then in the last minute Bale burst forward… only to be hacked down by the Hammers’ defence. No free kick was given, but Bale picked himself up and demanded the ball from his teammate. He took a touch to get a yard of space and smashed a shot into the far top corner to win the match. A sensational goal from a sensational player.

Jimmy Greaves (1965 League Game vs Manchester United)

We couldn’t have a list of memorable strikes without including one from one of the greatest Spurs players of all time – Jimmy Greaves. Many have compared him to modern greats like Lionel Messi, and ask any Spurs fan of a certain age, and they would agree. At his best, Greaves was unplayable.

It’s important to appreciate the context for this match – Manchester United in the 60s were a bit like Manchester United in the 90s. They won the league most years, and were the reigning champions when they went to White Hart Lane in 1965. And Spurs thrashed them.

At 2-0, the ball was played into Greaves’ feet with his back to goal. He then proceeded to turn on a sixpence, leaving his defender in no-man’s land. He then glided past the rest of the defence, and the keeper, before rolling the ball into an empty net. Incredible skill, which was thankfully caught on camera.

Heung-Min Son (2019-20 Premier League vs Burnley)

Some goals are memorable for the time that they were scored – the occasion, the opponents, the match situation. And then there are goals like this, that are remembered purely for the skill and quality.

Spurs were already 2-0 up and cruising when the ball broke to Son, just outside his own box. He turned and ran. And ran. And ran.

He darted past the hapless Burnley defence who just could not get near him. He kept going until he coolly slotted past the keeper. He’d run a full 90 yards with the ball.

Spurs went on to win the match 5-0, and Son went on to win the Puskas award for Goal of the Year.

Dele Alli (2015-16 Premier League vs Crystal Palace)

Those years of Dele Alli at his best were special times, weren’t they? He was invincible at his best.

There were many memorable strikes from Alli, but our favourite was this volley against Crystal Palace – it exemplified everything that he was about; incredible skill, confidence and power.

The match was 1-1, and Spurs were struggling to find the edge they needed to win the game. Palace were allowing crosses into the box, knowing that their physical defence could deal with most of what Spurs could come up with. As the ball arrived to Alli on the edge of the box, he was facing the corner flag. He kept the ball up with one touch and then with his second he flicked the ball over his own head, turning the defender as he did so.

With his third touch he unleashed a thunderous low volley into the bottom corner of the net, giving the keeper no chance. A wonderful bit of skill and improvisation to win a crucial match.

Ricky Villa (1981 FA Cup Final vs Manchester City)

This is probably one of the greatest goals ever scored in an FA Cup Final, and one of the greatest, and most important goals in the history of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

It was an epic battle with Manchester City – this was a replay, as the sides couldn’t be separated in the initial final. Villa had a poor game in the first final and was unhappy at being substituted, but was given a chance to put it right in the replay. And boy did he.

It was 2-2 in the replay, with both sides pushing for a winner, but looking a bit leggy. Then the ball came to Villa about 30 yards from goal, with five defenders and a keeper between him and the net. He ran at them, twisting this way and that before slotting the ball past the keeper, with Manchester City players piled up in a heap in the six yard box.

What a way to win a cup final.

David Bentley (2008-09 Premier League vs Arsenal)

A goal in a derby is always a memorable one. Even more so when it’s against your old club. And even more so when it’s a volley from over 40 yards.

David Bentley was one of those players that never really lived up to his potential. Incredibly gifted, but just never really showed it consistently. He scored some absolute bangers though, and this is right up there as one of his best.

Only thirteen minutes had gone when the ball bounced to Bentley. He was miles out, and there was no real suggestion of any danger for Arsenal – they had numbers back and Spurs only had one man up the pitch. So Bentley took a touch and smashed it on the volley, high into the sky.

Almunia in the Arsenal goal knew he was in trouble – he started back peddling, and dived desperately to get a hand on the ball, but it was no use. The opening goal of a game that would have so many twists and turns, culminating in an injury time equaliser for Spurs to make it 4-4. What a night. What a goal.

Paul Robinson (2006-07 Premier League vs Watford)

We’ve unlocked a new category of ‘memorable’ goal here – unlikely goalscorers.

Spurs were 1-0 up against Watford and it looked like it was going to be a pretty drab affair, but an important win. Then, Spurs were given a free kick, not far outside their own box, which Paul Robinson lined up to hoof upfield.

He really got hold of it, completely bypassing the Spurs forwards, and the Watford defence. It bounced close to the penalty spot, and then looped over a very young Ben Foster in goal, right into the corner of the net. Robinson couldn’t believe it. Neither could his teammates.

This was a goal that will live long in the memory for anyone that was there.

Erik Lamela (2020-21 Premier League vs Arsenal)

Unfortunately, no one was there to witness this next goal – scored, as it was, during the Covid era.

It was such a mixed bag this game – Spurs would end up losing the game 2-1, and Lamela ended up being sent off, but in the first half, he scored an incredible goal.

As the ball was fired across the Arsenal box, Lucas Moura brought it under control and nudged it towards Lamela, who had two Arsenal defenders charging at him. With no time to take a touch, he performed an audacious rabona, to squeeze the ball through the legs of a defender, and perfectly into the far corner.

He’d done it before in the Europa League, so it was no fluke. It went on to win the Puskas award.

Robbie Keane (2002-03 Premier League vs Birmingham City)

Robbie Keane scored so many memorable goals for Spurs, but one that really stuck out was this cheeky effort against Birmingham City.

Only six minutes had gone when Blues keeper Andy Marriott claimed the ball, and the players made their way up the pitch for the inevitable boot up the pitch (this was before playing it out from the back was a thing!)

Anyway, Marriott rolled the ball out in front of him, only to discover that Robbie Keane had been hiding behind him. Keane then promptly nipped in, took the ball, and rolled it into an empty net. Spurs went on to win 2-1, meaning this goal was crucial.

David Ginola (1998-99 FA Cup vs Barnsley)

Again, we could have picked any number of David Ginola goals, but this was just so good, we couldn’t leave it out.

FA Cup replays feature a lot in this list! It is when Spurs players dig deep and produce something special. They needed something special to beat a disciplined Barnsley side that were desperate to reach the semi-finals, but when the ball came to David Ginola on the touchline in the 68th minute, they were helpless.

The Frenchman weaved his way through the Barnsley defence, beating four men before slotting the ball home past the goalkeeper. It was a stunning display of skill, balance and speed that was worthy of winning any match.

Harry Kane (2015-16 Premier League vs Arsenal)

If it isn’t FA Cup replays, it’s a North London derby…

We couldn’t have a list of memorable Spurs goals and not include their all-time record goalscorer. Harry Kane scored 280 goals for Tottenham, so selecting one for this list was tricky. But this goal was a cracker.

Spurs were in the middle of a title challenge at the time, and had just hauled themselves back into the match with an equaliser having gone 1-0 down. A couple of minutes later, Harry Kane got the ball near the corner flag. He cut inside, and before he got inside the penalty area, he curled a fantastic shot into the far top corner to put Spurs ahead. It was out of nothing, but swung the game back in their favour.

That was such an exciting season for Spurs, it’s a shame they didn’t come out of it with a trophy. Kane, Eriksen, Alli, Lamela and Son were special players at that time.

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