What is the Number Nine Hospitality Lounge at Wembley Stadium?

There’s a new Number Nine making a name for itself at England’s national stadium – and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about it. Because this is a bit special. Let’s get into it.

Number 9 entrance

What is Number 9?

Number Nine is the latest hospitality offering from Club Wembley – the official members club of Wembley Stadium. Situated adjacent to the Royal Box on the north side of the stadium, the Number Nine lounge is an exquisite area for members to enjoy some drinks and premium catering options before and after an event.

It looks incredible with the elaborate entrance, the suspended ceiling made up of antique mirror panels, magnificent furnishings, striking colours of the hand-glazed tiles and stunning destination bar area – it manages to tread the line between luxurious and casual perfectly. A lot of time and money was spent in finding out exactly what people wanted from a hospitality experience, and it really shows. This is an awesome lounge.

Why is it called Number 9?

There have been some incredible number nines over the years. Whether it’s Bobby Charlton, Alan Shearer, Harry Kane or one of the countless other great England strikers that have worn a number nine shirt at Wembley – there is just a certain magic about that number. And that is celebrated in the Number Nine Lounge.

What’s included in Number 9 Hospitality?

If you were to book a hospitality package in the Number Nine Lounge, you’ll of course get a VIP ticket for the game, watching it from some of the best seats in Club Wembley. You’ll also enjoy a private table in the Number 9 Lounge for your group, complimentary beers, wines and soft drinks, a three-course Chef’s British buffet with live food stations, fast track entrance and a souvenir program.

Access to the lounge is from the moment the doors open, during half time and for an hour after the match.

Number 9 view Where are the seats?

These are some of the best seats in the house – next to the Royal Box, just up from the centre circle. A fantastic view of the entire pitch, to make the most of your event.

How do I get tickets for the Number 9 Lounge?

There are two main options here; the first is to buy membership for the Number 9 Lounge through Wembley. This is effectively a season ticket, giving you the package to an average of nine core football games a year, as well as additional access for other events. It’s a great option if you want to visit the national stadium regularly, as Wembley don’t sell these games on a one-off basis.

As an Official Ticketing Agent of Wembley Stadium, Events Hospitality can offer tickets on a game by game (or event by event) basis. If a membership isn’t suitable for you, we are authorised to sell official Number 9 Lounge packages for games at Wembley, whether this is an England match or one of the major club games, such as the FA Cup Final. If you are interested in tickets for any event at Wembley, get in touch with us today and we can help you out.

The Number 9 is a fantastic lounge, so it’s a great way to enjoy some of the biggest football games at Wembley.

Which games are included? Number 9 lounge

As a member of the Number 9 Lounge, you’ll have your seat for several of the biggest games of the season. That means, all the England men’s internationals, the FA Cup Final and the Semi-Finals, the Carabao Cup Final and Community Shield. Basically every major occasion at Wembley over the course of a year. What more could you want? Well if its concerts or NFL, you’ll get first refusal on these events, as well as everything else held at Wembley.

If a membership isn’t suitable, you can also purchase the package for any of these matches individually with Events Hospitality – a great way to secure your ticket for the games that you simply can’t miss.

What about other events?

Fancy watching the NFL games at Wembley? Or maybe a Taylor Swift concert? Or any of the other major events that take place at Wembley Stadium? We sell Club Wembley hospitality packages for all them, so you never have to miss an event.

Number 9 bar Why go?

I’d have thought this would be obvious at this stage of the article! The Number Nine is the ultimate modern hospitality experience. The food is incredible, the setting is stunning and the seats are perfect. Whether you are watching your team in the FA Cup Final, or treating friends and family to a day out watching England, this package will make it a day you will all remember for the rest of your lives. Ultimately, that’s why we go to these events – to make it as memorable as possible.

The Number Nine Lounge certainly does that.

If you are interested in this, or any other hospitality packages at Wembley Stadium, get in touch with us today.