Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Football Matches

Experiencing live football matches is one of life’s greatest pleasures – the thrill of being surrounded by fellow fans in the stands when your team scores a winning goal is unmatched. It’s no surprise that football match attendance recovered quickly after the pandemic.

There’s another premium option that unlocks an entirely new experience: VIP and hospitality packages. Whether you’re looking to impress clients, reward employees, or simply indulge in the excitement of the game with unparalleled style and comfort, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got the lowdown on enjoying football matches surrounded by VIP experiences and luxury. This guide promises to elevate your match day to the next level, so let’s get started.

Understanding Football Hospitality Packages

Football hospitality packages aren’t just tickets to a match – they’re an all-access pass to a day of indulgence, networking, and unforgettable moments, all set against the backdrop of a thrilling football match.

By turning a game into an event, event hospitality packages upgrade every aspect of the experience before, during and after the match. Picture premium seating with the best views in the stadium, exclusive food and drink outlets, and even private lounges to extend your day out.

The allure of these packages lies in the details. Imagine sipping fine wines or enjoying a curated menu as you entertain clients. Or is meeting football legends in a private meet-and-greet session more your vibe? Either way, these packages are crafted to create once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Hospitality packages are also versatile. Take, for example, our Arsenal football hospitality experiences: with 7,000 seats available at the Club Level in the Emirates Stadium, there are VIP boxes for every party size. Smaller parties can enjoy the Dial Square restaurant for a premium dining experience. They’re a testament to the fact that there’s no need to choose between business and pleasure – you can have both.

Choosing the Right Match

With many games throughout the season, pinpointing that one match or league that promises the atmosphere you’re after can be daunting if you’ve not been to a football match before.

England’s top football league, the Premier League, has the best teams and attracts the most fans. The 2022/23 season saw Manchester United matches draw in over 73,000 spectators; West Ham was in second place at over 62,000, and Spurs brought up the rear with 61,000 viewers per match. But with the top league comes the most expensive prices, which may not be accessible to all.

If you want the electrifying atmosphere without the hefty price tag, the English Football League Championship, known simply as the Championship, might be an option. These matches regularly pull in an average of 20,000 spectators each game, so the football matches are still high-quality, with premium hospitality services available at the stadiums.

Not all stadiums are created equal. Some are architectural marvels, like Wembley Stadium; others are renowned for their electric atmosphere, and a few hold a special place in football folklore. Consider the venue when choosing your match, as it can greatly enhance the overall experience for your guests.

What Happens Before, During and After

Pre-Match Expectations

The anticipation before a football match is palpable, but when you’re indulging in a hospitality package, the pre-match build-up is an experience in its own right.

One of the perks of going VIP is a dedicated private entrance so you can skip the queues. This is also a great time to take a private stadium tour or even get a meet-and-greet with football legends.

Stepping into your private box, you’ll find food and drink options aplenty as you wait for the match to begin. This sets a great scene for networking if you’re there for business or just enjoying the atmosphere if you’re visiting for a special occasion.

During the Match

As the whistle blows and the game kicks off, the luxury of your hospitality package truly shines. From the comfort of premium seating, enjoy unparalleled views of the action, feeling every goal, tackle and cheer up close. 

But the experience doesn’t pause with the game. Throughout the match and at half-time, enjoy continuous access to exclusive lounges and bars, where refreshments and snacks are served.

Post-Match Experiences

Just because the match is over doesn’t mean your hospitality package is. If you choose, there are plenty of post-match activities to get involved with, including access to exclusive areas where post-match analysis with experts or a chance to meet some of the day’s standout players.

If you’re there as part of a business event, the post-match analysis is the perfect time to strengthen relationships with prospective clients. Hospitality packages take a humble football match and turn it into a comprehensive, immersive experience for business networking and special occasions alike.

Making the Most of Your Hospitality Package

Start by personalising your VIP package to suit your guests’ interests – would they prefer a focus on gourmet dining, or do they want to meet one of the football legends? Your hospitality provider can help you sort out every last detail.

If you’re looking to book a hospitality package for your business, the little touches often leave the biggest impression. From personalised welcome messages to bespoke gifts that commemorate the day, every element should reflect the premium nature of your package. 

Also, use the expertise of your hospitality team. They’re your insiders to making the day run smoothly and can often accommodate special requests that elevate the experience even further.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this ultimate guide to enjoying football matches with luxury and style, it’s clear that the right hospitality package can transform a simple game into an extraordinary event.

Your next step? Dive into the world of luxury football hospitality and discover how to make your next match day one to remember. Whether you want to impress your clients or treat someone special to a top-notch day, the perfect package awaits.

Don’t just watch the game; live it. Explore our range of luxury football hospitality packages today and secure your place at the heart of the action. Contact Events Hospitality today to start planning your ultimate football experience.