Benefits of Matchday Hospitality

There are benefits of matchday hospitality for every occasion OneTwenty - Wembley

Matchday hospitality packages are exploding in popularity. As clubs look for ways to increase their revenue in the incredibly competitive Premier League, and regular match tickets are becoming more and more difficult to come by, matchday hospitality packages provide an attractive alternative, especially when you consider the added benefits you get.

They offer a unique experience compared to a regular ticket in the stands – they will often include a meal and drinks in an exclusive lounge or bar, as well as some premium seats in the best part of the stadium. A perfect way to guarantee your place amongst the crowd to witness the action, while making the most of the day.

There are many different types of matchday hospitality, and each of them will have different benefits, so we thought it would be helpful to dedicate this article to the benefits of matchday hospitality, and why they could be perfect for you.

Entertain clients with Corporate Hospitality
Stamford Bridge - Hospitality facilities

This is what matchday hospitality was originally created for – corporate hospitality. Taking clients and customers to a football match is a great way to build a business relationship with someone that you want to do business with. While doing something that you want to do…

It’s much more than just having a good time, of course. With plenty of time before the match kicks off, you will get a chance to ‘talk shop’ over some food and a couple of drinks, as well as enjoy each other’s company. Forming these relationships can give you the edge over the competition and represent great value for money for your business.

Do you have a client that is a Chelsea fan? Have a browse of these Chelsea matchday packages and treat them to a special day out this season. It beats one of those ‘networking events’, right?

Entertain staff
Premier Club Package-liverpool

It’s not just your clients that you need to look after, of course. Treating your staff to this kind of experience is something that can really keep people on side. If you look after your team, you may see an improved level of performance from them.

You could use matchday hospitality tickets as a reward to your staff – little things like this can help you hold on to them when competitors come sniffing around!

I’m sure you will have football supporters in your company who would love to experience a match like this, but the great thing about matchday hospitality is that the food and drink is of such a high quality that even those that have no or little interest in football will have an experience to remember before the game even starts. Plus, watching from the best seats in the house and all of the excitement of a Premier League matchday is infectious. It’ll be all they talk about on Monday morning.

Check out our Liverpool matchday hospitality packages to choose the perfect package to treat your team. Given Liverpool’s Premier League form this season, who knows what you’ll witness!

A day out with family

Football has changed a lot in the last 30 years – going to a Premier League game is much more of a family friendly day out than it used to be. Taking your kids to see a match in person is on the bucket list of most parents, and a matchday hospitality package is a great way to make that experience extra special and give them something to tell their friends all about at school.

Enjoy a Premier League game in a warm, safe environment. Head down on the Friday night and make a weekend of it – just make sure they don’t get too accustomed to the fancy seats and delicious food as they’ll expect it every time!

Celebrate a special occasion

Arsenal - The Heritage

Even for fans that follow their team home and away, matchday hospitality can make going to a game a truly memorable experience. Whether you want a large party with loads of friends or you just want an intimate do with a few people close to you, there is a huge range of hospitality packages for you to book.

Whether you want to prioritise a delicious meal, a large private space or maybe a complimentary bar, you will be able to find your ideal package.

At Emirates Stadium, The Heritage package is spectacular if you are looking for high-end food and drink. Check out our Arsenal matchday hospitality page to see what packages are available this season.

Treat your mates to an unforgettable experience

Sometimes you just want to do something a bit extra, right? Going to a Premier League match is great, but what about a Premier League game where you have the best seats in the house, watching your team, eating some incredible food and making the most of a complimentary bar? It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Whether it’s a stag do, meeting up with some old friends or just because you fancy upgrading your matchday experience, a hospitality package is the way to go. Have a look at our full list of our packages, and feel free to get in touch if you would like to book or need further information to find the perfect package for you and your mates.

Let us plan your hospitality package

There are countless benefits of matchday hospitality, and we have a hugely diverse portfolio of packages available to suit any need and budget. Packages are now on sale for the entire season – contact us today and we will be able to advise you on what package will be best for you and your party.