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July 2024
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We want to make sure you know everything that you need to know when Bruce Springsteen’s next tour is announced, so we have compiled this list of frequently asked questions so you can become au fait with all things Bruce Springsteen. If you have any questions specific to hospitality packages for his, or any other events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to help.

There are rumours that Bruce Springsteen has recorded 18 tracks as a follow up to the 2022 album Only The Strong Survive, which may be released in 2024.

Other than Born To Run, Blinded By The Light, The E Street Shuffle and Born In The U.S.A which we mentioned above, Springsteen has made so many popular hits over the years. The album Born In The U.S.A had seven hit singles on it!

I don’t think there is enough room on this site to list all of the awards that Bruce Springsteen has won for his music! Other than selling over 140 million records worldwide, he has won 20 Grammys, an Oscar, two Golden Globes and was even given his own special award at the Tonys. In 2016, he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Bruce Springsteen was born to play music. He started really getting into music aged 7, and his mum rented a guitar for him. One of his teachers described him as “a loner who wanted nothing more than to play his guitar”. In his teens he started performing with various bands, and it’s here that his prolific songwriting ability took hold. In 1972, aged 23, he signed to Columbia Records, having spent the last few years making a name from performing in local venues on the Jersey Shore. In January 1973 Springsteen released his debut album, Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.

The most famous misinterpretation of a Bruce Springsteen song concerned Born In The U.S.A. On the face of it, it seems like a patriotic US anthem, but you don’t need to dig too far to realise that it’s actually an anti-war song, highlighting the issues that faced American veterans after the Vietnam war. Ronald Reagan referenced it in his presidential campaign in 1984 – just getting it wrong completely.

Everything! Springsteen is famous for his epic live shows, playing all his hits and giving his fans true value for money. It’s not uncommon for his shows to last well over 3 hours. And they are all packed full of energy and heart, as we have come to expect from The Boss!

Throughout his career, Bruce Springsteen has played with the E Street Band.

Of course! He was inducted in March 1999.

Is Bruce Springsteen worth seeing live?

Throughout Springsteen’s career, his focus has always been on live shows – it’s how he got started in the industry – performing live and giving the audience a good show. These values have remained decades later. Many people have described him as the best live act that they have ever seen. The beauty of his shows are that they inspire and excite even the casual fans, as well as the die hard followers.

Check out the live album Springsteen on Broadway for a tiny flavour of what you can expect, but it is no substitute for seeing him in the flesh.

How to get Bruce Springsteen UK Tickets?

While we all wait for news of the next Bruce Springsteen UK Tour dates, you can rest easy knowing that as soon as it is announced, you only need to do one thing – talk to us at Events Hospitality. We will be able to ensure that you have access to some of the best VIP packages available to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band the next time they are in this country.

So pop on Born To Run, sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered. Contact us today if you need any information about a VIP package.

Be Prepared for the next Bruce Springsteen UK Tour

Watching Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live is an experience you will never forget. With an incredible career, spanning six decades and having released 21 studio albums, Springsteen’s songs are ingrained in all of our minds. Born To Run, Blinded By The Light, The E Street Shuffle, Born In The U.S.A – and this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the incredible back catalogue of Bruce Springsteen.

But it’s not just about his greatest hits – Springsteen is a true showman, as anyone who witnessed the Springsteen and E Street Band 2023 Tour will attest. A three-hour set, full of energy, passion and joy. What more could you ask for?

Even before that tour had finished, fans were asking when he would be coming back to the UK. Well, as soon as he announces his next tour, we will be able to supply you with a VIP package to his tour dates that will ensure it’s a night to remember.