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Aug 20 2022


Wembley Stadium

Coldplay – Penultimate night Wembley Hospitality Packages, VIP Tickets & Events

Originally due to be the final night, this Saturday night epic is now the penultimate date of Coldplay’s run of spectacular concerts at Wembley Stadium, as they play out a huge range of hits on their Music of Spheres world tour.

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Premium Ticket

Club Wembley
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  • Reserved premium seat in Club Wembley on Level 2
  • Access to the range of bars and lounges in Club Wembley
  • Exclusive VIP entrance to the Club Wembley level


Hospitality Package
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  • Reserved premium seat in Club Wembley on Level 2
  • Exclusive access to a premium lounge inside the stadium for 3 hours prior to the main act
  • Inclusive beer, wines and soft drinks served for 3 hours prior to the main act
  • Variety of food options available to purchase in the lounge pre-show
  • Exclusive VIP entrance to Club Wembley level
  • Please note the lounge will close when the main act comes on stage


Hospitality Package
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  • Reserved premium seat in a central block
  • Relaxed and informal lounge style hospitality
  • Exclusive access to hospitality lounge pre-show and for one hour post show
  • Inclusive beer, wines and soft drinks served for 3 hours prior to the main act and one hour post show
  • A wide ranging grazing menu served before the main act
  • Post show snacks plus access to the after-show party (one hour post show)
  • Concert goodie bag for each guest


Hospitality Package
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  • Reserved luxury padded seat in the best central seating block on Level One
  • Exclusive access to the most prestigious lounge in Wembley, the One Twenty Lounge
  • Access to hospitality lounge pre-show and for one hour post show
  • Bespoke cocktails served on arrival
  • Inclusive beer, wines and soft drinks served for 3 hours prior to the main act and one hour post show
  • Exceptional 4 course menu served prior to the main act
  • Post show snacks plus access to the after-show party (one hour post show)
  • Concert goodie bag and souvenir pass

Private Box

Hospitality Package
Contact us for availability
  • Exclusive use of 8, 12 or 20 seat box for the whole event
  • Access to the box from doors opening and for one hour post show
  • Complimentary beers, wines and soft drinks from three hours before and throughout the eveningbeers, paired wines and prosecco from three hours before and throughout the evening
  • Delicious pre-concert full catering menu with light bites served throughout the evening
  • Padded luxury seats situated directly outside your box with unrivalled views
  • 5 star service - private kitchen, bathroom, personal host and chef
  • Fast track exit

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We answer some of your questions on Wembley Stadium

At Events Hospitality, we provide premium tickets, hospitality packages and VIP experiences for all events at Wembley. Simply take a look at our events calendar or email [email protected] for availability.

For more information on the packages at Wembley, take a look at our guide section at the bottom of the page.

In effect, yes. Availability and prices will differ for each event and if you can’t find what you’re looking for (either packages or the event itself), please email us at [email protected] to help.

At Events Hospitality we only offer premium tickets or hospitality packages, we don’t have access to general admission tickets. To see what is available please choose the event and the packages will be listed. If you cannot find them (or the event), just email [email protected] with any questions.

At Events Hospitality we only offer premium tickets and official hospitality packages. We also only sell tickets or packages that we have in hand, to ensure availability for our clients (many companies out there will sell the tickets and then attempt to procure them afterwards to fulfil the order).

We know how stressful it can be trying to work out which companies are genuine, especially when there are so many out there. As one of the newer ones, we also know how much harder we have to work to prove ourselves. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t deliver your tickets. To ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company please call us on 0208 053 0278 to ask any questions, or view more information about us here.

Wherever you are buying your tickets from, make sure you do your research. Take a look at online reviews, ask to speak to previous customers or verify with the venue that the company you are using are official hospitality agents.

Wembley introduced a restricted bag policy into the Stadium a couple of years ago. To understand what you are able to bring, please see here. Its also worth noting that they don’t allow prams or pushchairs into the Stadium.

The main tube station is Wembley Park, served by the Jubilee and Bakerloo Lines, which allows you to get a great view of the Stadium as you come out the station, as well as walk down Wembley Way. Wembley Central is around 25 minutes from the Stadium. There are various car parks around the Stadium, which need to be booked in advance. Check out our Stadium guide for more detailed information.

Most tickets for Wembley are now e-tickets, which will be sent to you around 5-7 days before the event. On some occasions these may be paper tickets, which will be sent within a similar timeframe. If it is close to the event and we are unable to send tickets, they will be left for collection. Whatever the situation, we’ll keep you updated and ensure its easy for you to attend the event.

This will be explained to you during the purchase, but you can also see various Stadium maps at the bottom of the page.

You can get a lot of this information from our Stadium guide at the bottom of this page, but if you have a specific question on this, please feel free to call us on 0208 053 0278

As standard, any children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and usually children under 2 are not allowed into the Stadium. There are usually some other restrictions for concerts, such as no under14s in the pitch standing area, so if you are unsure please double check with us.

Not usually, although if you are within Club Wembley for football games then you are not allowed to wear club colours or football shirts. If there is anything specific dress code for your event we will advise you on booking, otherwise it is fairly relaxed.

No, obviously not.

Stadium Guide

Guide to Wembley Stadium



As the biggest Stadium in the country, Wembley needs no introduction. It’s also the 2nd biggest Stadium in Europe and the 7th in the world, (which is only shoe-horned into this article so we could mention the largest stadium in the world being in North Korea). Its always been a fantastic Stadium to visit, both with its world-class events and range of premium hospitality, but with the area around it having improved 10 fold over the last few years, its come on another level.

Wembley Guide - Intro
Wembley Guide - History Image

Brief history

Originally opened in 1923, Wembley quickly became iconic in English football and beyond. Best known for hosting the 1966 World Cup and Euro 96 Finals, other momentous occasions included the 1948 Olympics and 1985 Live Aid Concert. The old Wembley was flattened in 2002, with its replacement (which was beset by construction delays) opened in 2007.

Recall the last ever game at Wembley? England lost 1-0 to Germany (shock) and Kevin Keegan resigned.

Quick facts

90,000 seater, a circumference of 1km, record attendance of close to 94,000 (Fury v Whyte), cost £789 million to build and allegedly has more toilets than any other stadium in the world. Although anyone who’s ever been to a capacity event in general admission would dispute that. 

Also, remember when Shahid Khan tried to buy it?

Wembley guide - quick facts
Wembley guide - why visit

Why visit the Wembley Stadium?

Put simply, Wembley is up there with the best. The home of English football (which is something to be proud of again), they get the biggest and best events, with a range of superb facilities. It’s the go-to Stadium for the top football games, such as the Euros and Champions League Final, a top NFL venue and the Stadium that all bands want to sell out. There is nothing like the atmosphere of 90,000 people, whether its for the FA Cup Final, the WBC Heavyweight Championship or an electric concert (although sane adults may struggle with the shrill hysteria of, say, a Harry Styles gig).

What are the facilities like?

Despite being 15 years old, the Stadium still stands up well to most others. The concourses are big and wide and its usually pretty easy to get in safely and efficiently (unless it’s the Euro 2020 Final…). Across Level 1 and 5 (General Admission) there are plenty of places to eat and drink, although don’t expect gourmet food (think Pizza’s, Sausages/Burgers/Chicken and Chips). Beer is served on tap throughout the Stadium and the brand depends on the event (usually due to sponsors). Of course its not cheap and, as with any football Stadium, you can wait a while for them to pour you a flat pint.

Understandably the food and drink is a higher calibre in Club Wembley, the hospitality area, which is also where you will find the restaurants, bars and bistros. Most of the areas have been renovated in recent years, you’ve got your own entrance in and out, the queues are shorter and there are probably more areas to sit down than any other Stadium in the UK.

Wembley guide - facilities

What are the premium tickets, VIP and hospitality options?

All the Hospitality and premium tickets for Wembley Stadium are within the ‘Club Wembley’ brand. Wembley operates slightly differently from other venues, in that for most events (such as the FA Cup Final, England games) you need to be a member of Club Wembley. You can’t buy these as a one-off. So how do you get in? Events Hospitality of course…As a retailer of official Wembley tickets we are able to offer VIP tickets, hospitality and premium experiences to all Wembley events, without you having to be a member.

The facilities themselves in Club Wembley are as varied as they are excellent. It starts with the ‘Club Wembley’ tier itself on Level 2, which is where the majority of the premium seats reside. The tier has a huge array of bars, restaurants and lounge areas, which are open to Club Wembley members (or anyone who has a Club Wembley ticket, say through Events Hospitality…) Most of the sit-down dining areas need to be booked, but there are plenty of bars and ‘bistros’ that you can easily visit on the day. With it open, several hours before each event it’s an ideal spot to enjoy the build-up, although you may also want to try a few of the new bars and restaurants that have been developed around the Stadium.

For a higher-end experience, the Bobby Moore Club is a four-course fine dining experience, with the best seats in the house. As the hospitality includes unlimited Laurent Perrier, the shrewd punters among us can probably drink enough Champagne to justify the price of the ticket alone, but it’s the seat location for this package where it really comes alive. Sat on Level 1, right on the halfway line behind the dugouts, you get a panoramic view of the game, while sat close enough to the action to hear Pep’s lecture to Sterling, despite him having scored a brace (be damned if you can understand him though). With the seats on the trophy route, even the most cynical of fans will get a thrill as their heroes walk past to collect the FA Cup (especially after that Champagne).

Finally, Wembley has over 150 private boxes to entertain clients, in sizes of 8, 12 or 20. These are the ultimate in entertaining groups, with your own space for the day. They include full hospitality and access to the box throughout the event, so when Man Utd are losing 3-0 you can come in and sulk, rather than watch the rest of the game. The service is superb and more often than not you’ll get a visit from a legend or celebrity for some great photo opportunities.

That’s the options in a nutshell, but of course, they vary from event to event, so for any specific questions just give us a shout at [email protected] and we’ll talk you through what’s best.

How to get there?

Wembley Park is the main tube station and the one that allows you to come out and walk down Wembley Way. Even if you’re several hours early there is a buzz here and there aren’t many better photo opportunities to start a day by standing on the station steps and taking a picture of the Stadium over Wembley Way. The station is served by the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines, with central London about 15-20 minutes away.

There are quite a few parking options around the ground can be a bit of a nightmare, especially getting out after an event. Some of our packages do include parking, so ask if we can help. However you’re leaving after the game it can take some time to get out, so don’t forget that all Hospitality areas are open an hour afterwards to allow you to have a drink while the crowds die down.

Further afield you can also go to Wembley Central for the Overground that goes into Euston – it’s a bit of a walkthrough progressively ‘less nice’ areas, but can sometimes beat the crowds.

Good luck getting a taxi anywhere near the Stadium, unless you’ve pre-booked it and organised a clever location for them to pick you up.

wembley guide - how to get there
wembley guide - area

What is the area around Wembley Stadium like?

As alluded to, much better! At the risk of upsetting people, Wembley hasn’t historically been the nicest of areas. While the development work around the Stadium means it has lost some of its magic as an icon (hotels and flats now reduce its impact), it has brought a lot to the area. The London Designer Outlet offers a range of shopping experiences, Box Park has plenty of places to eat and drink and there loads of other restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity. Although we miss the old curry house ‘Moore Spice’.

The SSE Wembley Arena is also next door to the Stadium, which has a lot of good concerts, so worth checking their calendar out to.

How can I get tickets to Wembley Stadium?

Through Events Hospitality, obvs. That should be the only answer we ever put here – and we can help with anything you need for Wembley – but of course, it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Rather than go into great detail here, we’ve actually put together a guide on getting tickets for Wembley.

Tickets for Wembley are usually now e-tickets (sent over email), but on the odd occasion they revert back to paper tickets (via post)

Wembley guide - tickets

Best event?

For sheer consistency of spectacle and the fact it’s the showpiece event, its got to be the FA Cup Final. One offs such as the Champions League are unbelievable and the atmosphere at a sell-out boxing fight is unique. The NFL is also a great day out, even if you don’t understand it.

Most niche event?

It used to be the Race of Champions, but sadly they don’t hold that any more.


Ranges for just £30 for England games in general admission (or £50 in Club Wembley with Events Hospitality) to £1500 per person and more for the top hospitality packages at the most exclusive events.

Type of events

Football, concerts, NFL, Rugby, Boxing, and many more.

Top tip

If you’re in Club Wembley, ‘The 3 Lions’ and ‘The Lioness’ are great places to have a few drinks before.

If you have any questions or would like to understand the best options for tickets at Wimbledon, please contact [email protected] and we would be happy to help.

Guide to Hospitality at Wembley Stadium


If you’ve read any other of our articles for the national stadium, you’ll know that hospitality at Wembley operates in a different manner to other venues, as it’s largely a membership package. It would take a PHD to explain this in full, so this is a brief guide to the different hospitality areas that are available and a rough idea of what they’re like for each event. There are 3 main areas for this – Club Wembley (also sometimes known as Inner Circle), the Bobby Moore Suite and Private or Corporate Boxes.

Club Wembley

Seat location – Level 2 Tier, Blocks 202 to 251

Club Wembley is the ‘membership’ tier, where companies and individuals buy season tickets for the events at Wembley. As an Official Ticket Agent, we can offer one-off tickets for all events at Wembley, which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get access to.

If you purchase a Club Wembley package from us, it is usually ‘ticket-only’. This means it includes the VIP ticket, but not food and drink as part of the price. As there are a range of bars and restaurants within Club Wembley, there are plenty of places to enjoy yourself pre-match. These include newly renovated bars such as ‘The Three Lions’ and ‘The Lioness’, which have a great variety of Beer and plenty of places to relax. The main formal restaurants are ‘Arc’ and ‘Venue’, which usually have to be pre-booked but there are a couple of walk-in Bistro’s and plenty of casual eating options along the concourse. The concourse itself is big and wide, with bands, musicians and even ex-Legends entertaining the crowds before each match.

Club Wembley usually opens for 3 hours before each football game and is open an hour afterwards, which is ideal for letting the crowds die down around Wembley. Timings for this can differ for other events (NFL, concerts etc) so just check when you book your ticket.

Club Wembley
Bobby Moore Club 2

The Bobby Moore Suite​

Seat location – Level 1 Tier, Blocks 101, 102, 143 and 144

Originally opened in 1923, Wembley quickly became iconic in English football and beyond. Best known for hosting the 1966 World Cup and Euro 96 Finals, other momentous occasions included the 1948 Olympics and 1985 Live Aid Concert. The old Wembley was flattened in 2002, with its replacement (which was beset by construction delays) opened in 2007.

Recall the last ever game at Wembley? England lost 1-0 to Germany (shock) and Kevin Keegan resigned.

Private Boxes at Wembley Stadium

Seat Locations – Level 3 and 4

Wembley has around 150 corporate boxes for hospitality, spread across Level 3 and 4 of the Stadium. These provide an intimate space for your booking, offering exclusivity and privacy for your clients. The boxes at Wembley are modern and spacious (being larger than most venues we’ve seen) and the 5-star service caters to your every need.

Boxes come in sizes of 8, 12 or 20 people and can only be booked in their entirety. The location of the box depends on the size you choose, with 8 seaters located behind the goals, 12 seaters on the corner flags and 20 seat boxes on the halfway line.

They can be taken as a ‘ticket-only’ package if you wish, although most people book them with full hospitality for the complete experience. This includes your 3 course meal and all beer, wines and soft drinks throughout the day. Each box has its own host, toilet and kitchen, with the seats located directly outside of the box itself, so you don’t have to move for anything. For a big group, it’s the perfect way to enjoy an occasion.

As with the other hospitality areas, the boxes are open from 3 hours before the event, at halftime and an hour after the game. You can come in and out of the box as you please throughout the event, but just remember that alcohol cannot be served during football games. However for the other events, such as concerts and NFL games, they work really well, as you can drink at your seats or relax in the box as needed.

Wembley guide - hospitality 3

Other Hospitality Areas at Wembley

One option we haven’t mentioned is the One Twenty Club, which is the most exclusive hospitality area at Wembley. This is a new package, started around 3 years ago, for about 400 members. As its so exclusive, it really is membership only, and you cannot buy into there for the majority of football games. If you do get invited by a member, certainly go, as its an experience not to be missed.

The One Twenty Club is occasionally open as a hospitality package for other events, such as concerts and boxing. This will be the most premium package available (often relabelled as ‘Platinum’ / ‘Ruby’ etc) and is something we can offer for said events. Its located on the mezzanine above the Bobby Moore Club on Level 1, with the same fantastic seats for the action.

There are a couple of other hospitality suites in Club Wembley – Centre Circle and Number 9, which area all-inclusive hospitality options. We can occasionally get you access to these areas for football games and they’re often used for concerts, so if you’re interested in them just ask.

And that’s it! Hopefully that covers a good breadth of the packages available, but if you have any questions then just give us a shout on 0208 053 0278 or [email protected]

How to buy tickets for Wembley Stadium


This article is written by us at Events Hospitality, so the first thing we are going to say is that – we here at Events Hospitality can get you VIP tickets, Club Wembley tickets, Corporate/Private boxes or any other hospitality at Wembley Stadium. Just email us [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. You can also view the range of events at Wembley here.

However, this article wouldn’t be much use if we left it there. So lets get into the breakdown of how you’re getting tickets to the FA Cup Final, hospitality for the Capital Summertime Ball or VIP packages to England Internationals.

As standard, different events at Wembley have different ticketing allocation, sales and procedures. We’ll do our best to cover them all.

Hospitality at Wembley Stadium

We’ll start with the premium tickets, which are also the most complex to explain (and get your hands on). All of the premium tickets, hospitality, VIP packages and corporate boxes are contained within the Club Wembley areas of the Stadium. Club Wembley is a membership package for tickets to around 9-10 games a season, effectively a VIP season ticket. The crucial thing to remember for hospitality at Wembley Stadium is that for any games that are included in the Club Wembley membership, you cannot purchase VIP tickets or hospitality on a one-off basis. This can make it impossible to access if you’re not a member.

Membership to Club Wembley includes tickets for the following games: The FA Cup Final, FA Cup Semi-Finals, Caraboa Cup Final, Community Shield and all Men’s Senior England Internationals. If you love going to Wembley on a regular basis, this is a great option.

On the flip side, it means that if you’re not a member you can’t buy hospitality at the FA Cup Final through Wembley. It just not possible – ask them. This is where people like us come in – nice and conveniently – ‘Official Travel Agents’ (OTA’s) at Wembley, who are authorised to sell tickets and packages to their events. As an OTA, we have a range of packages for each event, which we can then offer on a match by match basis to our customers. This includes Club Wembley premium tickets, Bobby Moore Club packages and Private or Corporate boxes for 8, 12 and 20.

Essentially, these are the only two ways to get into Club Wembley for these games and therefore get hospitality for events such as England games. Occasionally for the club games (Carabao Cup Final, FA Cup Final) the teams in the final may offer some hospitality through their ticket office, but you’ll need to be a season ticket holder for that.

So that’s a core 9-10 events at Wembley, what about the others? Anything that falls outside of this you CAN go direct to Wembley to buy hospitality and don’t need to be a member. That’s things like concerts, NFL games, Play-off finals, boxing – they will sell to Club Wembley members and non-members alike. However, do bear in mind that they will prioritise their members for these events, so there isn’t always anything available. As we’re members, we get priority to these and can give you exclusive early bird access to tickets and hospitality if you come to us first. Again, these are Official tickets for things such as boxing, NFL and concerts at Wembley.

General Admission tickets for Wembley Stadium

At Events Hospitality we don’t sell General Admission tickets, only Hospitality (Club Wembley), so unfortunately we can’t help in this instance. However, we can point you in the right direction, as there are a few options depending on the event itself.

This time we’ll start with the easiest. If you’re looking for tickets for England games at Wembley, these should be pretty simple to buy. You can visit the Wembley Stadium website and buy direct from here: You’ll need to sign up for a FAN number but other than that it’s pretty straightforward and they usually have good availability.

For any games involving a Club, Wembley does not sell any tickets directly from their ticket office or website. The allocation is split between the two clubs, who then sell from their own ticket office and website. How they do this will depend on the club and match, so best to speak to them directly but remember they will always prioritise their members and season ticket holders.

With concerts, the on-sale process will depend on the artist and promoter (just to make things even more convoluted!) Sometimes tickets will go on sale directly from the Wembley Stadium website (usually more often than not) and then there will be other authorised ticketing partners, such as Ticketmaster, Seatwave etc. Tickets are also likely to be sold in a wave of releases, although not always.

Any other events, such as the NFL, boxing etc, will likely work in the same way as concerts – on sale via the Wembley Stadium website, the promoter and a select group of partners. There are always nuances to this – and we’ve more than likely missed some information in this guide – but hopefully, it’s given you a better understanding of the process! If not, just contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to explain more.