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The pinnacle of the grass tennis season and a key highlight of the British Summer calendar, Wimbledon is like no other. Quintessentially English, the grounds are beautiful, the atmosphere is refined and the viewing is top class. Its also one of the hardest events to arrange tickets for, so contact [email protected] for a seamless booking experience.

While we sell Debenture Tickets, please note that we are not an official hospitality provider to the AELTC or The Championships.

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We answer some of your questions on Wimbledon Stadium

As standard, tickets for the Wimbledon tennis tournament do not go on sale. The only tickets officially allowed to be re-sold are debenture seats, which are the packages we have available.

Due to the way Wimbledon works, there are only certain types of tickets that we are allowed to sell. These are debenture tickets for Court 1 and Centre Court. We don’t sell day/ground passes on their own, but both types of tickets we offer include this as standard.

We have an allocation of tickets for each day at Wimbledon but these usually sell quickly. If you know the day you would like to attend the tournament it is recommended to book early, to ensure availability.

At Events Hospitality we only offer debenture seats for Wimbledon, which are the only tickets permitted to be resold.

We know how stressful it can be trying to work out which companies are genuine, especially when there are so many out there. As one of the newer ones, we also know how much harder we have to work to prove ourselves. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t deliver your tickets. To ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company please call us on 0208 053 0278 to ask any questions, or view more information about us here.

Wherever you are buying your tickets from, make sure you do your research. Take a look at online reviews, ask to speak to previous customers or verify with the venue that the company you are using are official hospitality agents.

The grounds will open from 10am, with tennis starting on the outer courts from 11am. All tickets we sell will include access from doors opening, unless stated otherwise. The show courts of Court 1 and Centre Court don’t start until around 1pm.

Yes, but only as big as 40cm x 30cm x 30cm. There are storage locations outside the grounds for left luggage/excess bags. Also be aware of the items they won’t allow into the grounds.

This depends on the Wimbledon raincheck policy, designated by the All England Lawn Tennis Club (its owners). If there is a long rain delay, then you may be entitled to a degree of refund. Its also worth remembering that Court 1 and Centre Court have a roof, so can continue play during adverse weather conditions.

As you would expect for such a prestigious venue, they are high quality and superbly maintained. Its hard to understand what Wimbledon is like if you’ve never been, so take a look at our guides at the bottom of the page for more information.

There is dress code as such, but people are expected to be smart casual as a minimum and part of the experience is dressing for it. You can’t wear torn jeans, sports clothing, dirty trainers. Tailored shorts are allowed.

Unlike many other venues, there are locations to smoke as Wimbledon is mostly outside. You can’t smoke (or vape) on the courts, on ‘the hill’ or in queues.

At Events Hospitality, we have debenture tickets available for all of the dates at Wimbledon each year. As availability can change quickly, it is best to call us on 0208 053 0278 to understand the options.

A debenture at Wimbledon is effectively a season ticket, which are owned by individuals or companies, giving them tickets to every day of play at Wimbledon. These can be on Court 1 or Centre Court and are located in the premium locations on each court.

This is governed by demand, so differs each year and day to day, depending on the round of the tournament and who is playing. Generally speaking the earlier you book the better value you can get, so contact us on 0208 053 0278 to discuss the options. Just keep in mind that Wimbledon is one of the more exclusive events of the year, which is reflected in prices starting from around £1300 per person.

Yes, all tickets give you full access for the entirety of the day, unless stated otherwise. You can leave the grounds and come back if you wish, but will need to ensure you have obtained a pass-out wristband (from Gates 5 or 13). This is important, as if you don’t have this they may not let you back in.

The closest tube station to Wimbledon is Southfields, which is about a 15 minute walk away. It is on the District Line. You can also walk from Wimbledon or Earlsfield Station, which is about twice the time. The 493 bus runs between Southfields and Wimbledon so is another option from those stations, as are various taxis.

If you’re driving to Wimbledon, there is no charge to the official carparks. However, it is extremely busy, so is not always easy to get a space.

Since 2021, all tickets for Wimbledon are e-tickets. These will be sent to you around 7-10 days before the tournament. You will need the Wimbledon ticketing app to download and use these. 

This will be explained to you during the purchase, but you can also see various stadium maps at the bottom of the page.

A ticket is required for any children over 5, which is charged at full price. While babes in arms are allowed without a ticket, it is not advised. Equally, pushchairs are discouraged and children under 5 cannot go on to the Show Courts (Centre, No1, 2, 3, 12 and 18). Children over 5 are, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

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How to get tickets to Wimbledon


We here at Events Hospitality are one of the only sure-fire ways to guarantee you a ticket at Wimbledon, especially if you’re not very well organised, as we’ll explain below. Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll explain all of the options to you.

If you would like to know all of the options available to you, then take a look below and see if any of those work better. This includes how to get tickets in the ballot for Wimbledon, how to queue on the day and a few other tips and ideas that might get you in. So, here are all the different ways we can think of for getting into Wimbledon (excluding become a ball boy or girl…)

Buy a debenture

The perfect way to guarantee tickets for every day at Wimbledon, for those of you with a spare £250k. Debenture seats are effectively season tickets for Wimbledon, either on Centre Court or Court 1 and are sold in pairs. They run for a 5-year period (current period from 2021-2025 for Centre Court and 2022-2026 for Court 1) and holders have first choice renewal on them. To buy a debenture for this period starts from about £45k, ranging upwards quite quickly. Despite the price, they are in huge demand and it is virtually impossible to come by as a new debenture holder. Instead, the only available seats are through the re-sale of debentures, which are sold at a premium of around 50% (or more). If you’re interested, these can be purchased through Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited.

Debenture holders are allowed to sell their tickets for games they can’t attend, which does give people access to these seats. If you know a debenture holder you can purchase these directly and there are some websites set up specifically for the brokerage of these seats. At Events Hospitality we have a small group of debenture holders we work with, allowing us to also offer these tickets for each day at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon - ballot

Enter the ballot

Know your calendar for next year already? The All England Lawn Tennis Club operate an annual ballot for tickets for the Show Courts of Centre Court, 1, 2 and 3 for all UK residents. This runs from August to December annually, for the following years tournament. As part of the ballot you are applying for any 2 tickets, as dates or courts cannot be specified. Only one application per household is permitted, all winners are chosen at random and notified of their success in February. Oh, and there is about a 1 in 10 chance of getting tickets. There is also a separate ballot for International residents, running from November to December.

Join a Tennis Club

It might sound unlikely, but taking up tennis yourself might be the best way to get to Wimbledon.

Many tennis clubs across the UK receive a small allocation of tickets, which they distribute to their members as they see fit. As a newbie, you probably won’t be first in line, but you never know.

Alternatively, you can pay £25 to join the Lawn Tennis Association, never pick up a racquet and enter the draw they have for their members.

Wimbledon - tennis club
Wimbledon - buy online

Buy tickets online

Buying tickets for Wimbledon online would be the ideal option – you would think – but it’s not quite as easy as that. Tickets for Wimbledon don’t go on general sale as such, but a handful are released online via the Wimbledon website each day. This is usually at 9am each morning and as you would expect demand is huge, so make sure you have a good internet connection to be in with a chance.

Join the Queue

While Wimbledon is one of the more exclusive events, it is one of the few venues that offer customers the chance to buy tickets on the day. The fact they have to queue for up to 24 hours before means they have to work for it, but for many this effort is worth bagging one of those show court tickets. If you’re planning this option, you’ll need to arrive on the afternoon of the day before you want to attend, with a plenty of provisions to get you through the night. Tents must be no bigger than 2 man size, BBQs and gazebos are not permitted and there is a noise curfew from 10pm. They also kindly wake you up at 6am the next day. There are 500 tickets for each court available and they are usually allocated by 7:30am, so you do have time to nip home for a quick nap before coming back!

Wimbledon also offer around 6000 ground passes each day, for the outer courts and grounds themselves. If you want to be in from grounds opening you’ll probably need to arrive by 5am at the latest. Those queuing from 7am will likely get in about 1pm that day. The benefit of this approach (other than more sleep) is that any returned tickets for Centre Court and Court 1 are available from around 3pm, from inside the grounds (you can’t get them if not already inside). This means you could enjoy a pleasant few hours on the outer courts and still get to see some of the top players later on in the day. Even if you don’t get one of these tickets, the grounds are a lovely way to spend the day.

Finally, you can get discounted day passes for the grounds after 5pm, which are hit and miss in terms of when is best to queue for them, but a right result if you can time it right.

Wimbledon - queue

Buy a debenture seat for the day

Buying a debenture seat for the day is probably the most efficient and least stressful way to get a ticket, but you pay the price for it. Debenture holders are allowed to sell their tickets as they see fit. If you know someone who has one then you can arrange this direct, or there are some websites dedicated to this process. Alternatively, Events Hospitality have an agreement with a select group of debenture holders, to sell their tickets for them. This means we have ticket options for each day, at a comparatively reasonable price. Contact us on [email protected] to discuss.

If you would like any further information on getting VIP tickets for Wimbledon, please contact Events Hospitality on [email protected] with any questions or requests